Gamification in the Attendee App

Participate in the Gamification challenges and earn points using our mobile app, making your event experience more enjoyable and engaging!

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Great news! You can now earn gamification points through the Attendee App, making your event experience more exciting and rewarding.

The attendee app is now available for download for iOS and Android users.

Gamification Leaderboard

If you'd like to know which challenges you can participate in to earn points, you can just click the Gamification button in the event to see the complete list of challenges and their descriptions. You can also click View Leaderboard at any time during the event to keep track of your progress and see how you rank compared to your competitors.

To check the points earned by each participant for individual challenges, simply click on View Leaderboard and select the specific challenge. Alternatively, you can choose Select All from the dropdown to view the overall leaderboard and all earned points.

Gamification Challenges

The available challenges and actions to earn gamification points may vary based on the event organizers' configuration. Here is a complete list of actions you can do in the Attendee App to earn gamification points.

1. Ticket Purchase and Enter the Event Early

If the event organizers have set up Early bird challenges, you can earn points when you're one of the first ones to buy a ticket to the event and/or when you enter their event early.

Once logged in to the Attendee app, select the event by clicking it. Once on the event's landing page, click the Enter Event button. Click the Gamification button and select the early bird challenge to see if you've earned points!

2. Join and Watch Sessions

One way to earn gamification points is by joining and watching sessions. Note that there may be a minimum duration requirement for joining or watching a session, so it's important to check the challenge details to ensure you meet the criteria for earning the points. You may also earn gamification points by watching recordings of past sessions if the event organizers have included this challenge.


  • All types of regular and main stage sessions can trigger points.

  • You won't be able to join workshops and networking sessions through the app, so if there are challenges for those, you can join through a browser.

  • The continuing education challenge is not applicable in the attendee app, if this challenge is in the event, you may access a browser to earn points.

  • If it's an in-person event, you can also get join points when the event admin scans your QR code to check in to the session.

Click the Agenda button to see the list of sessions, and click the Join Session button to attend the live session. After the session, head back to the Lobby and click the Gamification button to check your progress!

3. Visit Exhibitor Booths

The event organizers may include a Standard Challenge where you can earn gamification points by visiting booths in the Expo. It's important to review the challenge descriptions, as you can earn points for performing any of the following actions within the booths:

  • Visit all or specific booths

  • Watch a video in the booth

  • Send a chat message in the booth

  • Click links in the booth

  • Download files in the booth

  • Click the Request a Meeting button

  • When an exhibitor scans your QR code as a lead

To participate in this challenge, click the Expo button at the bottom, select the Exhibitor, and do the actions indicated in the challenge. After completing the action, go back to the Lobby and click the Gamification button to check if you've earned points and completed the challenge.

When you present your QR code to exhibitors, you can also earn points when they scan it.


The event organizers may also offer rewards for completing these challenges, which you can view in the My Rewards tab. This tab will display the available rewards and your progress toward earning them.

In addition to the My Rewards tab, you can view each challenge's available rewards by clicking on the challenge itself. The Challenge Details section will display the points you have earned, the rewards associated with that specific challenge, and its leaderboard.

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