Lounges allow attendees to interact and meet through a live forum and share their thoughts about a specific topic
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The Lounge feature allows you to create a room or a lounge where you can feature specific topics by adding posts, images, videos, and an option to meet people through a live forum. Attendees are also welcome to create discussion posts and add pictures and videos.

What can attendees do in a Lounge?

A lounge can be used as a "hangout" place. If you're taking a lunch break from your day-long event, attendees can go into the lounge and meet other attendees. You can set discussion topics for each lounge so attendees with common interests can gather and learn more about it.

Attendees can chat with other attendees in the lounge. They can also post on the Discussion tab, where other attendees can comment on their posts. They can see other attendees who have joined the lounge through the Members tab. Since they are interested in the same topic, they can choose to connect with the other attendees in the lounge. They can also share photos and videos that may be relevant to the topic. Lastly, they can hop into a live video call with other attendees through the forum. This allows them to interact better with other lounge attendees through audio and video. The lounge is open throughout the event, so attendees can go in whenever possible.

Enable Lounges

  • Go to your Event Website tab

  • Click Virtual Event Hub

  • Click Navigation

  • Enable Lounges

Create a Lounge

  • Access your Virtual Event Hub

  • Click the Lounges tab from the left-side navigation

  • Click + Add Lounge

  • Add a Lounge Name

  • Add a Lounge Description

  • Add a photo (72 x 72 pixels)

  • Add a Banner Photo (1200 x 200 pixels)

  • Click Submit

Join a Lounge

Click the Join button to enter the lounge. If you have already entered the lounge, the button will change to Enter when you try to enter again.

Note: You can change the color of the Join / Enter button to match your branding through the Event Website tab's other color settings.

Lounge Features

Aside from the chat area on the right side, you will see these tabs in the lounge:

1. Discussion

Allows everyone to post content to the lounge. Attendees can add images and share links. There is also a comment option for each post. There is also a "Join Now" button that will take you to the Live Forum tab.

2. Members

This will list all the people who have entered the lounge. From here, you can check their profiles by clicking on the attendee. You can also connect, chat and meet with them by clicking the buttons below their profile picture.

Note: If you leave the lounge, your profile will still be in the Members tab.

3. Photos

Anyone in the lounge can upload images for other lounge members to see (200 x 200 pixels JPG, PNG, and GIF.)

4. Videos

Anyone in the lounge can upload videos for other lounge members to see (up to 5GB)

5. Live Forum

Anyone in the lounge can join the live video group call. They can turn on their cameras and microphone, share their screen, and raise their hand while in the forum. They can also see a list of people currently in the forum. To leave, they can click the red phone or simply move to another tab in the lounge.

Note: You may appear mirrored once your camera is on if you're looking at yourself, but other attendees will see you just fine.

Exit the Lounge

To exit, click the back arrow on top of the screen. This will bring you back to the main lounge page, where you can join other lounges. You can also click the other tabs from the left-side navigation to move to a different part of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lounges

What can attendees post in the Lounge?

  • The attendees can post discussions, photos, and videos

Can attendees create Lounges?

  • No, this is limited to event admins

Who can enter the Lounge?

  • Anyone who has access to the virtual event hub

Who can post discussions, photos, and videos in the Lounge?

  • Anyone who has access to the virtual event hub

How many people can be inside the Live Forum?

  • Up to 25 can be on camera at the same time

  • Up to 250 can be in the Live Forum session

Do attendees need permission to enter the Live Forum?

  • No, they can automatically enter when they click Join Now. They need to set up their mic and cam before entering.

Can you control other attendees' cameras and microphones as an event admin?

  • Yes! Click the Participants icon at the bottom of the screen to see the list of attendees in the forum. From there, you can turn on / off their cameras and mic.

  • Attendees will be asked for confirmation before their camera and microphone are enabled.

Can gifs be added?

  • Yes, for Windows. We're still working on having it work for Macs as well

Can Forum chats be downloaded?

  • Yes, you can do that in your Analytics tab

What analytics are there for lounges?

  • You can know how long an attendee stayed inside the lounge and how many times the attendee entered the lounge.

Can I turn off the forum or the other features in the lounge?

  • No. Currently, all tabs/features are set to be available for all lounges.

Can attendees be kicked out of a Lounge?

  • You can remove them from the forum or ban them from chatting, but you cannot altogether remove them from the lounge.

Can attendees be removed as members of the lounge?

  • No, their profile will remain in the Members tab once they enter.

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