The Lounge feature allows you to create a room or a lounge where you can feature specific topics by adding posts, images, videos and an option to meet people through a live forum. Attendees are also welcome to create discussion posts, add images and videos.

Enable Lounges

  • Go to your Event Website tab

  • Click Virtual Event Hub

  • Click Navigation

  • Enable Lounges

Create a Lounge

  • Access your Virtual Event Hub

  • Click the Lounges tab from the left side navigation

  • Click + Add Lounge

  • Create a Lounge Name

  • Add a Lounge Description

  • Add a photo (72 x 72 pixels)

  • Click Submit

Click the Join button on your Lounge, in there you will see these tabs:

  • Discussion - allows to you post content in your lounge. There is also a "Join" button that will take you to the Live Forum tab.

  • Members - allows you to see who has entered the lounge

  • Photos - allows you to post images (200 x 200 pixels .jpg and .png)

  • Videos - allows you to upload videos (up to 5gb)

  • Live Forum - allows you to join a live video group session

Frequently Asked Questions About Lounges

What can attendees post in the Lounge?

  • The attendees can post in discussions, photos and videos

Can attendees create Lounges?

  • No, this is limited to event admins

Who can enter the Lounge?

  • Anyone who has access to the virtual event hub

Who can post discussions, photos and videos in the Lounge?

  • Anyone who has access to the virtual event hub

How many people can be inside the Live Forum?

  • Up to 25 can be on camera at the same time

  • Up to 250 can be inside the Live Forum session

Do attendees need permission to enter the Live Forum?

  • No, they can automatically enter when they Join, they just need to set up their mic and cam.

Can you control other attendees' cameras and microphones as an event admin?

  • Yes! This can be done by clicking the ⚙️ button and clicking the 🎥 and 🎤 icons beside each of the attendees in the list

  • Attendees will be asked for confirmation before their camera and microphone are enabled

Can gifs be added?

  • Yes for Windows. We're still working on having it work for Macs as well

Can Forum chats be downloaded?

  • Yes, you can do that in your Analytics tab

What other analytics are there for lounges?

  • You can know how long an attendee stayed inside the lounge and how many times the attendee entered the lounge

Note: The Lounge feature is being actively updated, so stay tuned for new additions to this article!

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