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Add Ticket Restrictions: Access Lounges, Exhibitor Booths, and Chat
Add Ticket Restrictions: Access Lounges, Exhibitor Booths, and Chat
Add the option to hide Lounges and the Expo from attendees based on
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As an admin, you have the option to restrict attendee access to lounges, chat, and exhibitor booths. This can be done by adding restrictions based on the attendee's ticket type.

Restricting Lounges, Exhibitor Booths, and Chat Based on the Ticket Type

The steps below will allow an attendee to register for a ticket that has restrictions to enter some areas of the event like Lounges or Expo or use the chat feature.

Create a ticket

  • In your Admin Console, Go to Registration > Set-up Tickets

  • Click Create Ticket

  • Enter details of your ticket type

  • Go to Advanced Settings

  • Under Other Restrictions, select whether you would like to restrict lounges, chat, or the exhibitor booths. You may select more than one

  • Enter any remaining details of your ticket type and click Save

The attendees who have that ticket type would not see the area you have restricted. When they enter the virtual event hub, they won't see the Lounges tab and Expo tab in the navigation.

NOTE: We're still working on the chat restrictions, for now, it does not work yet, stay tuned for more updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

What ticket types can you apply these restrictions to?

  • You may apply these restrictions to all ticket types.

What other restrictions can I apply based on the ticket type?

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