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Add Ticket Restrictions: Select Which Sessions They Join Based on Tags & Tracks
Add Ticket Restrictions: Select Which Sessions They Join Based on Tags & Tracks

Restrict Access to Sessions by Tags & Tracks through the Set-up Tickets tab

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When creating your ticket types, you can restrict access for attendees to sessions in your Agenda based on Tags & Tracks.

Restrict Tickets Based on Tags and/or Tracks

If you will be restricting your Tickets based on Tags and/or Tracks, please create them first.

1. Creating Tags and Tracks

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Select the Tags or Tracks tab

  • Click Add Tags or Add Tracks

  • Enter the tag name or track name in the pop-up box

  • Click Create

Once you have created your tracks and tags, you can start assigning them to your sessions.

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Click edit (pencil icon). This will slide in the Session Details menu

  • Scroll down to Tags and Tracks

  • Search and select the tag or track you created

2. Set up your Tickets

The steps below will allow an attendee to register for a ticket with restrictions based on Tags & Tracks.

Create a ticket

  • In your Admin Console, Go to Registration > Set up Tickets

  • Click Create Ticket

  • Enter details of your ticket type

  • Go to Advanced Settings

  • You can choose to enter the name of the Track(s) and/or Tag(s) to which you don't want these ticket holders to have access.

  • Enter any remaining details of your ticket type and click Save

When access is restricted, attendees will not see the content being restricted. For example, sessions within the chosen Tag or Track will not be seen in the Attendee's agenda.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ticket Types can you apply these restrictions to?

  • All of them! Restrictions can be placed on Paid Tickets, Free Tickets, and Table, Sponsor, and Block Bundles.

What areas can I restrict access to when I restrict using tags & tracks?

  • This is only applicable to sessions.

Are there other options for restricting access to attendees?

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