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Accelevents Analytics

While your event is happening, all the analytics you need will be updated in real time! Learn how to access them with this article.

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Reviewing your analytics can give you a better understanding of your audience's behavior. The results in your analytics can also determine what approach and adjustments you need to make for your next event.

Kinds of Analytics

Registration Analytics

When you access Analytics, you'll land on the Registration tab. There's a Download button to download various reports, such as registration data, deleted registrations, polls & Q&A data.

Event Ticketing

In the Event Ticketing section, you'll be able to see five different types of data:

  • Trailing 7-day traffic — displays the number of people that have visited your Landing Page in the past 7 days, past month, past 2 months, and past 3 months, with each dot corresponding to a specific day.

  • Net Sales — displays how your sales have been doing up until now. You can present it in hours, days, weeks, or months.

  • Event Date — displays when your event starts and when it ends.

  • Registrations (trailing 7 days) — displays how many registrations your event has had in the past week, organized from Monday to Sunday.

  • Sales by Ticket Type (Top 5) — displays the 5 most purchased ticket types of your event and indicates the number of tickets sold for each type.

UTM Data Analysis

The next section is for UTM Data Analysis. If ticket purchases were made using the UTMs campaign links, you would see the breakdown of the purchases here.

Attendee Analysis

The Attendee Analysis shows you the number of people who checked in to your event; you can also view them by ticket type and a specific date.

Recent Orders

At the bottom, you'll see a table for Recent Orders, where you can also search for the order number and buyer names.

  • Order # - the reference number assigned to that transaction

  • Buyer - the name of the buyer

  • QTY - number of tickets purchased

  • Price - the amount paid for that transaction

  • Refunded - the amount in case a refund is done

  • Date - the date and time when the buyer did the transaction

  • Payment - shows the payment status of the transaction

Sponsors Analytics

Next, we have the Sponsors tab. Currently, it only displays the number of sponsors present at your event, but in the future, you'll also have access to the total number of clicks on a sponsor, the number of unique clicks, and the average number of clicks per sponsor.

Exhibitors Analytics

On the Exhibitors tab, the general analytics for the booths within an event shows on top. It showcases the following:

  • Number of Exhibitors - total number of exhibitor booths in the event

  • Total Leads Collected - total number of leads collected in all exhibitor booths

  • Average Leads Per Exhibitor

  • Average Leads Per Sales Representative

  • Total Meetings Booked

Under these numbers, there's a Download button. Clicking that button downloads a CSV file containing the lead information collected from each booth.

Under it, you can find the analytics for individual booths:

This table contains the following parameters:

  • Exhibitor - the name of the booth.

  • Link Clicked - the number of times the attendee clicked documents inside the booth — counts for documents uploaded as an external link.

  • Views By Unique Users - the number of users that entered the booth at least once.

  • Document Download - the number of times the attendee downloaded documents inside the booth — counts for documents uploaded directly into the booth.

  • Unique Document Download — counts how many different documents were downloaded in a booth at least once. For example, if a booth had 3 documents, but attendees downloaded only the first 2, it would display '2'.

  • Leads Collected — the number of leads that a booth has collected. If you're wondering how leads work, you can read the article about lead generation for exhibitors.

  • Views - the number of times the attendees viewed the booth.

If you click on a specific booth, it'll display detailed analytics for that particular booth:

The Analytics tab displays the same information presented in the table, including additional information (Total Chat Messages, Average Lead Rating, Meetings Booked, Product Views). A Download button downloads the Exhibitor CSV for that particular booth, which contains information about each user's interactions with the booth.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This CSV's last three columns, Total Time in Booth, Video Played, and Chat, are only displayed if the event has Gamification or Enhanced Gamification turned on.

On the Attendees tab, we have two other tabs — Visitor and Document Downloaded:

The Visitor tab displays the booth's visits during the event. The Document Downloaded tab displays which users downloaded documents in the booth. Both tabs also detail the times when those interactions took place.

The Polls and Q&A tabs will also have a summary and a download option.

Networking Analytics

Next, we have the Networking tab. At first glance, you'll see the number of total connections made, average connections per attendee, total meetings, and total matches. The Total Messages Sent feature is unavailable and displays a 'Coming Soon' message.

There are two tabs inside Networking analytics: Networking Sessions and Connections.

On the Networking Sessions tab, you'll find a table containing this information:

  • Networking - networking session names

  • Members - total number of attendees that participated in the session

  • Matches - total number of matches that happened in that session

  • Connections Made - total number of connections made by attendees in the session. Click here to learn more about connecting with attendees.

If you click the Details button, a menu on the right will show all the attendee matches in that session.

If you click the Download button, it will download a CSV file of all attendee matches for all networking sessions.

The Connections tab shows the event attendees. You'll find the following information:

  • Connections - number of connections made in the event

  • 1:1 Meetings - number of meetings scheduled in the event

  • Meeting Requests Sent - number of meeting requests sent

  • Total Meeting Time - total duration spent on meetings in the event

  • Average Meeting Duration - average time spent on meetings in the event

When you click the Details button on an attendee, it will show a list of all attendees they've connected with in the event.

Lounges Analytics

On Lounges Analytics, you will find the following information:

  • Lounges - the name of the lounge

  • Attended - the number of attendees who joined the lounge

  • Photo Count - the number of photos uploaded

  • Video Count - the number of videos uploaded

Clicking on a lounge will give you more information, such as who joined and their actions, such as posting images or videos, the duration inside the lounge, and how many times they visited it. You can also download the Lounge Chat and the Discussion History.

Sessions Analytics

On the Sessions analytics menu, you'll find this information on top:

  • Total Number of Sessions

  • Number of Sessions

  • Average Attendees Per Session

  • Average Session Duration

  • Average Session Attendance

  • Average Recording View

The Download button under these numbers allows you to access two CSV files: Session Overview, containing details about the sessions, and Session + Attendee Comparison, displaying which sessions each attendee has attended.

Under the download button, you'll see a table with basic analytics for each session.

  • Session - the session's name.

  • Registered - the number of people who have registered for the session. This counts both pre-registrations and people who attended the session.

  • Attended - the number of people who have attended the session.

  • Duration - the session's duration.

  • Recording Views - the number of people who viewed the recording.

  • Avg Duration Attended - how much time attendees have watched the session, on average.

There's also a Download button on each session that you can click to get a CSV file containing information about each viewer's attendance.

When you click a session, a menu with 4 sub-tabs opens: analytics, attendees, polls, and Q&A.

At the bottom of the Analytics tab, you'll see a line graph indicating which parts of the session had the most attendees for the live session and when they viewed the recording. There's also a button to download the graph and the session chat.

Gamification Analytics

The Gamification tab is also under development, so no information is displayed. You can click the Download Gamification Data button to download a CSV file containing information on each attendee's Gamification interactions, breaking their total points into categories.

Continuing Education Analytics

The Continuing Education Analytics will show you data on continuing education gamification challenge. It will show you a list of attendees participating in the challenge and their progress.

Note: This is available for Enterprise and White Label plans only.

The Download button will give you a summary report on the selected continuing education challenge.

The table below shows the following:

  • Attendee Name

  • Last Activity Date

  • Challenge

  • Progress

  • Download

The Progress column will show you the percentage of completed required actions they did for this challenge.


You have listed 3 one-hour-long sessions as part of your Continuing Education Challenge. You required attendees to watch at least 30 minutes per session.

  • Attendee 1 watched sessions 1 for 30 minutes, 2 for 45 minutes, and 3 for 1 hour. The Progress will be 100%

  • Attendee 2 watched sessions 1 for 10 minutes, 2 for 45 minutes, and 3 for 1 hour. The Progress will be 66%

Attendee 2 got 66% because they completed only 2/3 of the challenge.

The Download button for each attendee row will show you their progress % for each session.

In the previous example, we said that Attendee 2 completed only 2 out of 3 sessions. Session 1 from the screenshot above at 43.7% is the session the attendee could not complete. They needed 50% or more to complete it.

When you click an attendee, a Print Session Attendance button is available. It will download a PDF file. It will include the following:

  • Attendee Name

  • Continuing Education Challenge Name

  • Each Session Name associated with the Continuing Education Challenge

  • % of progress watched for each session.

Downloadable Reports

The last tab is Downloadable Reports. You can download several reports all at once. Select the reports you want to download, then click Download Selected.

You can also download reports on Polls and Q&A from here. Gathering this data is now easier as you can select multiple reports to download. You can use these reports to analyze and use valuable data from your event participants.

Mobile App Analytics

Analytics is also available if you're using the mobile app. It will show the following information on the event:

  • Number of Attendees - total number of attendees that accessed the event via mobile app

  • Average Times App Opened - average times when all attendees accessed the event via mobile app

  • Average Time Spent - average time used by all attendees accessing the mobile app

Aside from the event-level information, there is a table showing mobile app usage per individual attendee. It will show the attendees' names and their first and last app access.

When Details is clicked, a menu will slide in additional information: event role, total app access time, average time spent in the app, and last accessed duration.

Attendee Analytics

The Attendee Analytics tab will give you an overview of your attendees. It will show you their profile, ticket information, which sessions they joined, people they've connected to, their activity in expo booths, and other actions within the event.

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Will the data be captured if attendees view the recording after the event?

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