Lead Generation for Exhibitors

Learn how to acquire more leads not just from your booth by following these tips.

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Attract More Attendees to Visit Your Booth

One of the main reasons why exhibitors join events is to connect with potential leads or customers and expand their professional and social networks. With Accelevents, you can easily collect lead information when they visit your booth online or do other actions inside your booth. You can use the attendee app to collect lead information if it's an in-person event.

How Are Leads Added to the Booth?

When an attendee enters your booth, they can be added as a lead automatically, depending on the event organizer, if they allow counting every booth visitor as a lead.

What guarantees them to be added as leads are the following actions in the booth:

  • Send a chat message in the booth chat

  • Send a direct message to an exhibitor

  • Download files from the booth

  • Click the Call to Action button

  • Exhibitor manually adds them as leads

  • Exhibitor scans the attendees' QR code in an in-person event and adds them as leads

Where Can I Find Leads in the Booth?

The My Booth tab in the virtual event hub has a sub-tab for Leads where you'll see all of the leads added to the booth. The data in the leads list shows information about how the leads were added. You can add leads and download a CSV file containing all the lead information from here. If you're accessing the attendee app, there's also a My Booth tab when you access your profile, where you can see your leads.

Lead Source

The Source column tells you what action the attendee did to be added as a lead. When clicking the lead, you'll see the action or source in the note field. When you hover on Additional Interactions, it will show other actions they did in the booth after they are added as leads.

Lead Source

Action that Added Them as a Lead


entered the booth

If the setting "Count every visitor as a lead" is turned on, "Visit" will always be the lead source.

Auto-Generated Lead

sent a booth chat message or a direct message to an exhibitor

Request a Demo

clicked the call to action button


downloaded a file

Lead Rating

In the leads list, you'll see a column for rating. The rating depends on the first interaction (source).

You can manually change the rating by clicking on a lead to open the edit lead menu. In the app, you'll find a pencil icon to open the edit lead menu.

Lead Rating



If the event organizer allows all visitors to be counted as leads, all attendees who visit the booth will have an unrated rating.

If that setting is turned off, all unrated leads are attendees whose first booth interaction is downloading a file.


Warm leads are attendees whose first activity in the booth was to click the CTA button or send a chat message.

If the lead is unassigned, the CTA button is clicked, or a booth chat message is sent.

If the lead is assigned, a private message is sent to an exhibitor.


This rating does not automatically appear. The exhibitor can manually update it.


This rating does not automatically appear. The exhibitor can manually update it.

An assigned warm lead is an attendee whose first booth interaction is to send a direct message to one of the exhibitors.

An unassigned warm lead is an attendee whose first booth interaction is to click the CTA button or send a message through the general chat area.

An unrated lead that has a Document as the source is an attendee whose first booth interaction is to download a file from your booth.

An unrated lead with Visit as the source is an attendee who visited your booth. This is only available if the event admin has allowed every booth visitor to be counted as a lead.


  • The recorded rating and owner are based on the first action of the lead, so if you have "Count every visitor as a lead" turned on, they will always be "Unrated" and "Unassigned."

  • If an attendee chooses to hide their contact information from exhibitors, only their names would appear in the leads list.

Tips to get more leads

There are many ways to attract more attendees to visit your booth. You just have to get creative!

Display Your Brand in Different Areas of the Event

In addition to placing your content in the booth, your brand can be seen at the event in many other ways. Ensure that you have your branding in the exhibitor carousel. The carousel image is clickable and redirects to your booth. You can also be added as a sponsoring company to sessions, which will include your image in the session carousel. You can also have your branding featured in the expo banner and welcome video.

Make Your Booth Attractive

When adding content to your booth, it's essential that the first thing visitors see draws their attention and makes them want to know more about what you're offering. Start by adding your logo up front and an attractive background image that complements it. Consult with your design team to get the best results. You can also add a short description that appears when they hover over the booth card, so they'll know what it's all about, even if they're unsure if they want to go in. Ensure you check how it looks in the browser and the attendee app. Don't forget to add an attractive banner that shows on top of the booth when they enter.

Add Lead Retrievers

When attendees visit your booth, someone from your team must be there to attend to them if they have any questions. By logging in to the My Booth page, you can add team members or lead retrievers through the Teams tab. Ensure they are online during the event, as attendees can see if they are offline or available. If they are offline, attendees may be discouraged from entering. Ensure a staff member monitors the inquiries through the attendee app for in-person events.

Add a Welcome Greeting

Seeing that someone is already in the chat encourages people to reply, as it's a little less intimidating to be the first one to post something. Make them feel welcome and let them know they can reach out if they have questions. You can also encourage them to do the other actions that will make them a lead.

In the attendee app, since the chat message cannot be seen in the booth, you can add a video and have it placed as the first tab in the video so it's the first thing they see when they enter.

Add Downloadable Content

When setting up your booth, you can add downloadable files and links for attendees to click on. Make sure to label your file names and links appropriately before uploading so they will be enticed to click them!

Note: Clicking the link from the Offer area will not add them as leads. You may also want to add that link in the Documents & Links area so that anyone who clicks that will be added to the leads list.

Add a Call to Action Button

At the top of your booth, you should see a call to action button. If you're using the attendee app, it appears in the Company Details tab. When an attendee clicks the button, they will be added to your lead list. You can customize the label to entice attendees to click it and add a link to redirect them to that page. Once the button is clicked, the button text will say "Request Received."


  • Exhibitors do not get a notification when the button is clicked.

  • If you're testing this, ensure you have a ticket; only those with tickets can be added to the leads list.

  • If your button is not in the booth, you may request that your event organizer enable it.

Scan Attendee QR Codes

Exhibitors can easily collect lead information in an in-person event by scanning the attendees' QR codes through the attendee app. After saving the information, they will be added as leads. Ensure that your staff has the app installed.

Add a Live Stream

Attendees can join your live broadcast through Zoom or our built-in live broadcasting feature, Pro Exhibitor. In the meeting, you can encourage attendees to click links in your booth and do other actions. You may also ask for their contact information from that meeting and add them to your lead list.

Note: This feature is not available through the attendee app.

Include Your Booth in the Event Gamification

If the event organizers included the gamification feature, your booth could be included in the challenges. Attendees can earn points by doing the various actions that make them leads. A reward at the end encourages them to engage more and diligently do all the action needed to get all the points. Attendees can also get points through the attendee app.

Connect Through The People Page

Aside from hanging around in your booth, you can also explore the People Page to see attendees' profiles. You may try to connect with them by sending a message or requesting a meeting. You must introduce yourself as an exhibitor so that they can decide whether to accept or decline the connection request.

Your connections through the People Page will not be added to your leads page because you connect outside your booth. However, if they give you their contact information, you can manually add them to your lead list.

Join the Sessions

If you have a ticket for the event, you may also attend the sessions depending on your ticket type, from there you can chat with other attendees or just scan the messages to see if there are potential leads based on what they say. Just make sure that you don't disrupt the session with your intent to get a lead. If you find a potential lead, you can connect with them privately through the People Page.

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