Lead Generation for Exhibitors

Learn how to use the virtual event hub to acquire more leads not just from your booth!

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One of the main reasons why exhibitors join events is to connect with potential leads or customers and expand their professional and social networks.

Ways to maximize reach as an exhibitor

Add Lead Retrievers

When an attendee enters your booth, they will be added as a lead only if they enter a message through the general chat area in your booth or if they send a message directly to one of your staff / lead retrievers. Just entering the booth without engaging will not add the attendees as leads. It's important that someone from your team is available during the event time to get attendees to engage.

A booth lead is someone who sends a chat message in the general booth area, chats directly with an exhibitor, downloads a file or clicks the CTA button.

Add Downloadable Content

When you're setting up your booth, you can add downloadable files and links to click for attendees. If an attendee enters your booth and downloads that file or clicks on a link, the attendee is added as a lead. Make sure to label your file names appropriately before uploading so that they will be enticed to click it!

Note: If they click on the link from the Offer area, it will not add them as leads. You may want to add that link in the Documents & Links area too so that anyone who clicks that will be added to the leads list.

Add a Call to Action Button

In your booth, you should see a call to action button, if an attendee clicks that, they will be added to your lead list. If your button is not in the booth, you may request for your event organizer to enable it.


  • When someone clicks that button, it simply adds the attendee to your leads list and the attendee gets a notification that says "Your Request Has Been Received. We Will Be In Touch!" There is no notification sent to exhibitors if someone clicked that button. I suggest editing the button label to something like "drop your name card" as that's what it does.

  • Once the button is clicked, the button text will say "Request Received"

  • If you're testing this, make sure you have a ticket, only those who have tickets can be added to the leads list.

Add a Live Stream

Attendees can join your live Zoom meeting through the Live tab in your booth. From that meeting, you may ask for their contact information and add them to your lead list. Click here to learn more on Live Streaming as an Exhibitor

Note: We also have a Pro Exhibitor feature which allows you to stream using Accelevents Studio for an extra fee instead of Zoom. You may need to contact your event organizer to enable this.

Connect Through The People Page

Aside from hanging around in your booth, you can also explore the People Page wherein you can see all the attendee profiles. You may try to connect with them by sending a message or requesting a meeting. It's important that you introduce yourself as an exhibitor so that they can decide whether to accept or decline the connection request. Click here to learn more about Connecting With Other Attendees.

The connections you've made through the People Page will not be added to your leads page, because you are connecting outside of your booth. You can add them manually to your lead list if they give you their contact information.

Note: Exhibitors are added to the People tab once they access the virtual event hub, a ticket is not needed to be added in the People tab.

Join the Sessions

If you have a ticket for the event, you may also attend the sessions depending on your ticket type, from there you can chat with other attendees or just scan the messages to see if there are potential leads based on what they say. Just make sure that you don't disrupt the session with your intent to get a lead. If you find a potential lead, you can try to connect with them privately through the People Page.

Note: You may have to check with your event organizer if they are selling tickets for exhibitors. Click here to learn more on how to log in as an attendee

Where can I find my leads?

My Booth

In the virtual event hub, you should see a My Booth tab where the leads are listed down with an option to download.

What's the difference of a "Warm" and "Unrated" lead?

Initially, these are the lead ratings that you will see in your Lead tab, but you can change the ratings to Hot, Warm or Cold.

An assigned warm lead is someone who has sent a direct message to one of the exhibitors.

An unassigned warm lead is someone who click the CTA button or someone who sent a message through the general chat area.

An unrated lead that has Document as source is someone who has downloaded a file from your booth.

An unrated lead that has Visit as source is someone who visited your booth. This is only available if the event admin has allowed every booth visitor to be counted as a lead.


  • The recorded rating and owner are based on the first action of the lead, so if you have "Count every visitor as a lead" turned on, they will always be "Unrated" and "Unassigned." We're working on improving this feature, Stay tuned!

  • If an attendee chooses to hide their contact information from exhibitors, only their names would appear in the leads list. Click here to learn more about editing your profile.

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