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Check In Attendees to Sessions Through the Mobile Admin App
Check In Attendees to Sessions Through the Mobile Admin App
Use the Accelevents Admin App to check-in attendees to their sessions!
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The Session Check-In feature allows event admins to check in attendees to sessions through the admin app by scanning the attendee's QR code or by searching the attendee name and simply clicking the check-in button.

Note: This feature is not available on the iPad Admin App.

Check-In an Attendee to a Session Through the Admin App

  1. Download the Accelevents Admin App - IOS or Google Play

    Note: The session check-in feature will not work for an iPad.

  2. Log in to the app and select your event.

  3. Select Event Ticketing & Check In

  4. Click Check-in

  5. Select Session Check In

  6. Search for the session and select it

  7. Check-in through attendee search

    • Search for the attendee

    • Click the button with a check next to the attendee's name

    • The check button should turn green after checking in the attendee to the session

    • There's also a notification that appears at the bottom

  8. Check-in through QR code scanning

    • Click the blue QR scan icon at the bottom

    • Scan the QR code

    • Click Check In

    • A notification should appear at the bottom after checking in the attendee.

    • Click the back button and search for the attendee. The check button should turn green.

You can go to your Analytics tab in your admin console to see a list of attendees checked into the session.

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