The Lobby Feed like any social media wall is your virtual event newsfeed where attendees can be informed with announcements and insights about the event. When you enter the virtual event hub the first thing you see is the Lobby Feed.

To enable the Lobby Feed

  • Go to your Event Website tab

  • Click Virtual Event Hub

  • Select Lobby

  • On Lobby Tabs, turn on Feed

  • Scroll down to Feed Settings, turn on Enable Feed

The Lobby Feed has two sections:

  • Lobby Posts - You and your attendees can post, comment and react here. As an event admin you may use this as your bulletin, guiding attendees where to be. This appears on the left side.

  • Gamification - This is your leaderboard where you will see the scores for gamification. This appears on the right side. Click here to learn more about gamification.


  • If gamification section is toggled off, the lobby feed would occupy the whole space.

What can you post?

  • Text

  • Links

  • Images (gif, jpeg, png) up to 10mb

  • Files (pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, mp4, mov) it will look like an attachment, up to 10mb

  • Emojis

Frequently asked questions

Who can post in the lobby feed?

  • If you enable the option to let attendees post in Lobby Feed, then anyone can post in the lobby feed

  • If you prevent attendees to post in the Lobby Feed, only event admins can post, and the rest can just comment on the post

How do I prevent attendees from creating a post in the lobby feed?

  • Go to your Event Website tab

  • Click Virtual Event Hub > Lobby

  • Switch off Allow attendees to post in lobby feed

If the lobby feed is not enabled, what will attendees see?

  • By default, the attendees would see the Agenda tab

Can a combination of images, file and text be posted?

  • Yes

Can a video file be posted?

  • Yes, but it will look like an attachment, format is mp4 or mov. You can post links to a video such as Vimeo or YouTube.

Can multiple images and files be posted?

  • Yes

Is there an option to disable the comments on the post?

  • No

Is there a way to pin a post?

  • No

Do attendees see the post immediately or do they have to refresh?

  • If they are currently in the Lobby Feed tab, they would see this message "You have 1 new activity." They will need to click that to see the new post.

Is there a character limit?

  • No

What is the best image size for a post?

  • Any image dimension would do, size is up to 10mb

What are the best image dimensions for a post?

  • There are no exact dimensions for this since it changes depending on the size of the screen where the page is viewed. But on bigger screens, these dimensions work fine: 1100 x 320 pixels if gamification is turned off and 500 x 300 pixels if gamification is turned on

Who can remove a post?

  • Only event admins and staff

Can posts be edited?

  • Posts cannot be edited, you can only remove and post it again.

Who can delete comments?

  • You can only delete your own comments. Only the event admin can delete other users comments.

If I disable the feed, will the previous posts still be there when I enable it?

  • The posted content will remain there, it will only be lost if you remove it.

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