The Gamification feature can be a great way to enrich your attendee's overall experience by stimulating healthy competition. Each attendee will work hard to visit all exhibitors of your event in the Expo area! In the future, we'll make so the Main Stage, Breakout, Networking, and Workshop sessions also award points for interacting during the event. May the most diligent attendee win!

NOTE: We recommend turning on this feature on the day of your event so that points counted will start from that day.

Activating the Gamification Feature:

To activate Gamification, from the Admin Console, Click on Event Website > Virtual Event Hub:

Turn on "Enable Feed"

Then, scroll down and click on Advanced Settings > Gamification:

Once you access your event's virtual hub, it should look like this:

The Leaderboard is automatically filled in as attendees earn points throughout the event and everyone can keep up with it by accessing the Lobby area at any time!

(The "Challenges" tab is not currently available. It will be released on a future update.)

Gamification Rules

The rules that are currently being applied to the Gamification feature are the following:

  1. Visiting = 5 points
    - Attendees will gain 5 points by entering an Exhibitor Booth.
    - It is necessary to stay in the booth for at least 20 seconds for the points to apply
  2. Activity = 1 point/additional visit
    - Attendees will gain 1 point by entering an Exhibitor Booth again.
    - There is no minimum time required for points to be awarded
  3. Downloading = 5 points/download
    - Downloading exhibitor booth's documents
    - Attendees will gain 5 points per download
  4. Chat = 20 points
    - Send a message in the exhibitor's booth chat
    - Send a direct message to one of the booth's staff members
    - Will only be triggered once per exhibitor booth

Keep in mind that points are only attributed once the event has started and the leaderboard shouldn't be populated during the set up of your event.

More to come!

The Gamification feature is being actively updated, so stay tuned for new additions to this article!

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