The Gamification feature can be a great way to enrich your attendee's overall experience by stimulating healthy competition. Each attendee will work hard to visit all exhibitors of your event in the Expo area! In the future, we'll make it so the Main Stage, Breakout, Networking, and Workshop sessions also award points for interacting during the event. May the most diligent attendee win!

  • We recommend enabling this feature on the day your event starts so that points are not counted earlier;

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Activating the Gamification Feature:

To activate Gamification, from the Admin Console, Click on Event Website > Virtual Event Hub:

Turn on "Enable Feed"

Then, scroll down and click on Advanced Settings > Gamification:

Once you access your virtual event hub, it should look like this:

The Leaderboard is automatically filled in as attendees earn points throughout the event and everyone can keep up with it by accessing the Lobby area at any time!

(The "Challenges" tab is not currently available. It will be released on a future update.)

Gamification Rules

The rules that are currently being applied to the Gamification feature are the following:

  1. Visiting = 5 points
    - Attendees will gain 5 points by entering an Exhibitor Booth
    - It is necessary to stay in the booth for at least 20 seconds for the points to apply

  2. Activity = 1 point/additional visit
    - Attendees will gain 1 point by entering an Exhibitor Booth again
    - There is no minimum time required for points to be awarded

  3. Downloading = 5 points/download
    - Downloading exhibitor booth's documents
    - Attendees will gain 5 points per download

  4. Chat = 20 points
    - Send a message in an Exhibitor Booth's chat
    - Send a direct message to one of the booth's staff members
    - Will only be triggered once per Exhibitor Booth

Keep in mind that points are only attributed once the event has started and the leaderboard shouldn't be populated during the set up of your event.

Enhanced Gamification Feature:

The enhanced gamification feature allows you to customize your own game rules. Once you add a challenge, the default gamification will no longer apply. To go back to the original rules, just delete the challenges that you've created.

To create a challenge, go to Engage > Gamification (Beta) and click Create a Challenge

  • Challenge Name - add a challenge name, this will be the label that will appear in the leaderboard for that challenge

  • Challenge description - add a short description about the challenge. This will only be seen by admins for now.

  • Challenge Start and End - set the dates of when attendees can earn points for this challenge

  • Points required for rewards - total points needed for this challenge to qualify for the reward

  • Reward Name and Description - add the information on what attendees will win for this challenge. This will only be seen by admins for now.

  • Who can play - select which ticket types can get points for this challenge

  • Action - select what action(s) an attendee has to do to get points

  • Points - set how many points they will receive when they do the action

  • Trigger - set which exhibitor booths or exhibitor categories will prompt points

  • Area - This the part of the virtual event hub where attendees can get points.

Expo - The attendees can gain points by:
1. Visiting the booth

2. Watching the video

3. Chatting

4. Clicking links

5. Downloading documents

Sessions - The attendees can gain points by:

1. Joining the session

2. Watching the recorded video

Networking - The attendees can gain points by:

1. Getting matched

2. Getting connected (both Sender and Receiver get points)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can participate in the Gamification?
    - Everyone except for Event Admins, Staff, Exhibitor Admins, and Lead Retrievers.

  • Can the leaderboard scores be reset?
    - No. Once the points are earned, they cannot be erased or reset.

  • How are ties resolved?
    - In case two or more participants are tied with the same amount of points (users A and B tied with 50 points, for example) on the leaderboard, the tiebreaker will be the order in which these participants reached said amount.
    - In the example above, user A has reached 50 points first and will be ahead of user B, who had reached the same score 10 minutes later.

  • Can I pause the Gamification?
    - Yes. If you disable the feature, any activity done while it's disabled will not be counted as points.

  • Can all participants in the gamification be seen in the leaderboard?
    - The top 3 will be featured at top and the rest of the participants will be listed below. It will load the first 100 participants, then if you click the load more button it will allow you to load 100 more and so on.
    - Note: If an attendee chooses to hide their profile from people, their names would not appear in the leaderboard. Click here to learn more about editing your profile.

  • Are points deleted if the challenges are deleted?
    - No, the points remain on the leaderboard.

  • Will attendees get duplicate points if they do the same action in the booth?
    - No they won't get duplicate points.

  • If they download 2 different files in a booth, will they get 2 separate points for that?
    - Yes, they will get separate points.
    - Note that if the file name is the same, it won't give the attendee points for the second file download.

  • Are the points consolidated?

    • Yes, the are.

    • To see the points gained from a specific Challenge, select the Challenge from dropdown:

    • To see the consolidated score, just leave the Challenges dropdown to Select All.

More to come!

The Gamification feature is being actively updated, so stay tuned for new additions to this article!

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