Order Confirmation Emails

After purchasing a ticket or registering for your event, attendees will receive an email which you can customize.

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Once an attendee purchases a ticket for your event, they will receive an order confirmation email. It will contain information about your event, details about their purchase, and a button to access your event.

If they register an hour before the event opens, they should also receive a magic link email.

Important Notes:

  • Editing the order confirmation email is not available for Free and Starter Plans.

  • The Advanced Email Template Builder is not available for Free, Starter, and Scale Plans.

  • For events created before February 2023, you may still see the old email layout.

  • Editing your confirmation email using the advanced template builder will override the default email template.

  • You may need to change your settings if the images are not showing on the email while accessing it through your Gmail account. Click here for more information.

The Order Confirmation Email

The email includes an order summary and a way for attendees to access the event. It looks something like this:

Join Event Button

The first part of the email has a "Join event" button. Clicking this button is the fastest and easiest way to enter the virtual event. Attendees don't need to enter their email address or create a password. It automatically logs them in.

  • When this button is clicked and the event is open (including pre-event access), it will redirect the attendee to the virtual event hub.

  • When this button is clicked when the event is not yet open, it will redirect the attendee to the event landing page.

The "magic" of joining without a password through the Join Event button will only work once, so if they click it again, it will ask them to enter the email address if they are not logged in.


  • The Join Event button will not appear for in-person events. If you need it to appear so in-person attendees can click it to log in to the attendee app, click here to learn how.

  • The Join Event button will not appear for the ticket buyer if the ticket buyer is not a ticket holder

Order Summary

The order summary, as seen above, will show details about the transaction, and when they click the Download Order Receipt button, they will be redirected to log in to their account, where they can download the pdf file.

Note: The user must enter/create a password to log in to the account.

Event Details

The email will also show event details, including your event name, logo, schedule, location, and options to add the event to the calendar. There is also a View Event button that works the same as the Join Event button above.


  • The View Event button appears for in-person events and redirects users to the event landing page when clicked.

  • If the attendee has the Attendee App installed on their device, the button will act as a magic link to log them into the app.

Edit the Order Confirmation Email

Default Email Template

With the default email template, you can only edit the body of the order confirmation email.

Advanced Email Template Builder

The Advanced Email Template Builder has more customization options, such as adding or removing areas of the template.

Automatically Send Order Confirmation Emails

The default setting is that attendees will receive the Order Confirmation Email after they register, and depending on when they register, they may also receive a Magic Link email. Event admins will also be notified through email when there are new registrations.

If you don't want attendees to get an email after registering, TURN OFF the toggle for "Enable order confirmation email and magic link email."

If you don't want to receive the notification email, TURN OFF the toggle for "Order Confirmations from Attendee." This setting will only apply to you. To disable it for all event admins, go to Settings > Manage Team.

Send a Test Email

  • Go to Registration > Order Confirmation

  • Scroll down to Send Order Confirmation Test (below calendar invite customization)

  • Select the email address

  • Click Send

  • You can only send test emails to admins and staff

Resend the Order Confirmation Email

  • Go to Attendees > Orders

  • Search for the attendee

  • Click the 3 dot menu under Actions

  • Click Resend Email

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