Once an attendee purchases a ticket for your event, they will automatically receive an order confirmation email and a magic link email.

The order confirmation email looks something like this:

In that email, there is a button that says "View Event Details" if the email is sent before the event. If the email is sent during the event, that button will say "Enter Event".

When this button is clicked, it will redirect the attendee to your event landing page. If it's the first time that they're clicking that button in the email, it will automatically log them into your event landing page, it won't ask them to enter their email address and password. However, if they click it a second time and they've not logged in at all, then they will be asked to log in once they click the Enter Event button on that page.

Aside from the Order Confirmation Email, attendees will get a second email once they register. This is the email that contains the Magic Link that will allow attendees to access the main event page without logging in. Click here to learn more about Magic Link.

In this article we'll discuss the following topics:

Editing the Order Confirmation Email

  • Advanced Email Template Builder - This feature is available for Professional Plan and up. You have more options when using this email template builder.

    • Go to Registration > Order Confirmation

    • Select Advanced email template builder

    • Click Load email template builder

    • The email template builder will load in the current page

    • You can add or remove the different components of the confirmation email and utilize the different design elements on the right side, making your own customizations.

    • You can add images, links and file attachments

    • Once done, click save and exit


  • If you choose to edit your confirmation email using the advanced template builder this will override the default email template.

  • Some parts are uneditable as they are required fields in the email (e.g. Accelevents logo, ticket type, ticket name)

Enabling & Disabling The Order Confirmation Emails

  • Go to Registration > Order Confirmation

  • Switch on/off Enable Confirmation And Magic Link Email

  • Once switched off, all future ticket buyers will not receive the email

Sending a Test Email

  • Go to Registration > Order Confirmation

  • Scroll down to Send Order Confirmation Test (below calendar invite customization)

  • Select the email address

  • Click Send

  • You can only send test emails to admins and staff

Resending the Order Confirmation Email

  • Go to Attendees > Orders

  • Search for the attendee

  • Click the 3 dot menu under Actions

  • Click Resend Email

Sending Reminder Emails

  • Go to Registration > Order Confirmation

  • Scroll down and click + Create Schedule

  • Enter the date and time to schedule when the email will be sent

  • Add your subject line and email content

  • Click Schedule

  • Click here to learn more about reminder emails

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