The Advanced Email Template Builder

This feature is available for Professional Plan and up.

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The Advanced Email Template Builder allows you to customize your order confirmation further, aside from editing the message in the default email template. You can add buttons and links and customize the background color, buttons, and more to match your branding. You can also delete sections that you may not need.

Advanced Email Template Builder

Important Notes:

  • This feature is not available for Starter Plan

  • If you edit your confirmation email using the advanced template builder, this will override the default email template.

  • All parts in the template can now be deleted or edited (e.g., Accelevents logo, ticket type, ticket name)

  • You may need to change your setting if the images are not showing on the email while you're able to access it through your Gmail account. Click here for more information.

Accessing the Advanced Email Template Builder

  • Go to Registration > Order Confirmation

  • Select Advanced email template builder

  • Click Load Email Template Builder

Editing the Advanced Email Template

The left side of the screen will show you the template where you can edit, add and delete content. The right-side menu will show you the components you can add to your email.

Add an item

Drag the content from the right-side menu and drop it onto the template.

Move an item

Hover on the content in the template, click the drag icon, and drag the content to where you want it placed.

Delete an Item

Click the content, then click the trash icon at the lower right.

Edit an item

Click the content, then type directly on the template for text content. You will see a toolbar above the text where you can customize the color, and font, add links, and characters, merge tags, and more. The right-side menu will show the other content properties you can change, such as alignment and spacing.

For other content, some of them may be edited directly in the template, like uploading an image or editing the button text. The rest of the editing options are on the right-side menu.

Add columns

Click the Rows tab from the right menu to choose a format on columns and drag it to the template. To add content inside the columns, drag the items to the inside of the column containers. Use this if you want things to show side by side.

Edit the template background color

Click the Setting tab from the right menu. Aside from changing the background color of the whole email, you'll see other options, such as making the content area wider and changing the alignment, default font, and link color.

Add Merge Tags

Add merge tags to your email to make it more directed toward the recipient. The system will replace these variables with the buyer's contact information and event information present in our system.

For example, you can place a merge tag for the first name in an email template so that the greeting includes the recipient's name rather than a generic "Hello!".

To see the available merge tags, click on an item with text in your template, then click Merge tags from the toolbar above the text.

Here's the list of available merge tags:




























  • The values above will only work for emails created through the Advanced Template Builder.

  • The only values that will work for the default email builder are the following:

    • ${ticket_holder_first_name}

    • ${event_name}

    • ${eventStartEndDateTime}

Reset Custom Template

To start over, you can click the "Reset Custom Template" button. However, it's crucial to note that using this option will permanently remove any customizations you made in the template you've previously created, and the builder will revert to its default template. A warning message will appear, indicating that the deleted customizations cannot be restored. To proceed with the reset, click on the "Confirm" button.

Preview and Send Test Emails

You can preview the custom template by clicking Actions > Preview. When finished, save your work and exit.

To test the custom template, select any event admin's email address from the Send Order Confirmation Test drop-down field and click the Send button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload pdf files to the template?

  • No, but you can add links or buttons that will redirect them to a page that opens or download the file from the cloud. (e.g., Google Drive or Dropbox)

Can I add a video to the template?

  • No

Can I save more than 1 template?

  • No

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