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The Virtual Event Hub Navigation Custom Tab
The Virtual Event Hub Navigation Custom Tab

Learn how to add a custom tab in your virtual event's navigation menu.

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Creating a Custom Tab in the Virtual Event Hub Navigation would be useful if you need an additional area to put information or highlight content within your event. Attendees can easily see and access the tab once they enter the event.

Note: This feature is not available for Starter Plan

Adding a Virtual Event Hub Navigation Custom Tab

  • Go to the Event Website tab of your admin console, then click on Virtual Event Hub

  • Select Navigation, then click on + Add Navigation Menu

  • Input the Name of the custom tab

  • When you're done, click Add Menu

  • To edit the custom tab, click the 3-dot menu next to its name.

What Content Can Be Added?

Almost anything can be added from images, videos, games, music players, etc.!


  • Add an image from your computer - click on the picture icon and drop the image from your computer or click on the space to select an image to upload.

  • Add an image from the web - click on the picture icon, select the link icon, paste the image address, and click Insert.


  • Add a video by using its URL - click on the camera icon, paste the URL, and click Insert.

  • Add a video by using its embed code - click on the camera icon, select the code view icon, paste the embed code, and click Insert

Other Media through Embed Codes

You can add games, Google Maps, Spotify, and embed codes.

  • Click on the 3-dot menu, then select the Code View icon, then enter the code:

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