Adding polls and using the Q&A feature in your exhibitor booth are great tools to find out more about your booth's visitors.


Creating a Poll in Your Booth

There are 2 areas where you can create polls.

  1. From the My Booth tab, go to Chat With a Lead tab. There is a Polls tab and you can start adding polls by clicking Add Poll.

  2. Another option is to create the poll directly in the booth. There is also a Polls tab and you can start adding polls by clicking Add Poll.

  3. Enter your poll question along with its answers. You may select if you'll only allow a single answer or multiple answers. There is also a Show Results to Users toggle that you can turn on if you want the results to be seen by your visitors.

  4. When you're ready to ask the poll question to your visitors, click Launch Poll. Once you've clicked it, the poll will appear as a pop-up in the booth which will be seen by all your visitors.

  5. If you want to see the running poll results, you will need to submit your poll answers too.

  6. Make sure to regularly click the refresh icon to see the latest results.

  7. When you're ready to end the poll, just click End Poll.

Other Poll Features

  • Delete a poll - click the 3 dot menu and select Delete. It will instantly be deleted, you won't be able to retrieve it anymore, and its results will not appear in the downloadable report for poll results.

  • Hide a poll - click the 3 dot menu and select Hide Poll. Only exhibitors will be able to see this poll.

  • Download a report on your polls - click Download Poll Results in the Chat With a Lead tab.

    The report will show the poll question, question type, status, answers, and name of who answered the poll.

Q&A in Your Booth

  1. Visitors can ask you questions while they are in your booth. They will have the option to send the question privately, which means only exhibitors can see the question, or send it publicly where everyone can see the question. If one of the options is not available, check with the event admin if they can change the settings.

    There are 2 areas where you can answer visitors' questions.

  2. You will receive their question in the Q&A portion of your Chat with a Lead tab. You have the option to Type Answer, Answer Live (if you are streaming live), and Dismiss Question.

  3. Another option is to answer the question directly in the booth. There is also a Q&A tab and shown under Open are unanswered questions.

  4. Type in your answer and click Send.

    • If a question is sent in private, you may only send the answer privately.

    • If a question is sent publicly, you'll be able to choose whether to send it publicly or privately.

  5. Answers to the questions will show under Answered.

    • The visitor who sent the question will see both the question and answer regardless if it was sent privately or publicly

    • If the answer is sent privately, but the question is sent publicly, the other visitors will only see the question.

  6. If you dismissed a question, it will show under Dismissed and you have the option to Reopen the dismissed question.

    Note: The dismissed tab is NOT visible to booth visitors.

  7. If you reopen the dismissed question, you have the option to answer, dismiss, and Delete. If you delete it, it will automatically be deleted and the question cannot be retrieved anymore.

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