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Import Exhibitor Booths from Past Events
Import Exhibitor Booths from Past Events
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If you want to add exhibitors from a previous event to your new event, you can easily import booths instead of creating them from scratch.
You can import any booth if you're an event admin from that previous event. Importing them will copy the booth settings, images, documents, and links. You can also include the exhibitor admins and lead retrievers in the copied booth.

Import Exhibitors via Import (from List of Exhibitors)

  • Go to Exhibitors & Sponsors tab

  • Click Actions

  • Select Import Exhibitors

  • Select the past event

  • Select the exhibitors you want to copy from that event

  • Enable the toggle for "Duplicate Exhibitors Admins & Staff" if you want to include them in the booth

  • Tick the Email Invitation box if you want to automatically send an email to the exhibitor admins and staff after the booth is copied

  • Click Add Selected

  • Click Close

When you're done, the selected booths should appear in your Exhibitors tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything that is not copied from the original booth to the new one?

  • Everything is copied to the new booth, including uploaded documents for the attendees.

If I make changes in the imported booth, will it change anything on the original booth?

  • Any changes made to the new booth will not affect the original booth.

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