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Add Exhibitor Admins and Staff
Add Exhibitor Admins and Staff

A simple guide on how to add staff members to manage Exhibitor Booths.

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How to Add Team Members to a Booth

  • Click Exhibitor & Sponsors from your admin console

  • Click the pencil icon of the booth to which you would like to add team members

  • Click the Team tab from the right-side menu

  • Click + Add Staff

  • Enter the team member's name, last name, and email address.

  • Select Exhibitor Admin or Lead Retriever from the Role dropdown.

  • The team member will receive an email to access the booth. See the articles below to learn more about exhibitor admins and lead retrievers.

That's it! The team member is automatically saved after entering the information and adding a role. The next step is to add sponsors to your event.

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