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Do Speakers and Exhibitors Need a Ticket to Join the Event?
Do Speakers and Exhibitors Need a Ticket to Join the Event?

No! They don't need a ticket, but if they have one they can join sessions like regular attendees.

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The short answer is NO.

They don't need a ticket to join the event, as they can access the event through the invite email they receive when they are added as exhibitors and when they are assigned to sessions as speakers. However, tickets allow them to join sessions just like regular attendees.

What Can Speakers and Exhibitors Do In the Event If they Don't Have a Ticket?

Even without a ticket, they can access all event areas, EXCEPT entering sessions. They can interact in the lobby, lounges, expo, and people tab. They can also see the agenda and session tabs in the left-side navigation. However, if they click JOIN on any session, they will get an error message that they don't have a ticket to enter the session.

If speakers enter the event before it starts, they will only see the My Speaking Schedule tab, where they can view all their sessions and join the studio to practice for their session.

Exhibitors who enter the event before it starts will only see the My Booth tab and Expo tab, where they can customize their booth and view it.

How Do I Give Tickets to Speakers and Exhibitors?

There are several ways to give someone a ticket, but we made it easier for you if you give one to speakers or exhibitors. There is no need to input their name and email address again. You just need to select a ticket for them!

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