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How Can My Staff and Volunteers Submit Silent Auction Bids for Participants?
How Can My Staff and Volunteers Submit Silent Auction Bids for Participants?
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Do you have auction participants that do not have a phone or mobile device with them? If so, a great option is to let your staff and volunteers submit bids for your participants. You can add a staff member by navigating to Settings > Manage Team on your admin console.

Below, please find instructions for your staff and volunteers to follow in order to log in to the staff page and submit silent auction bids for your guests.

If you are using the Accelevents Admin App at your auction, click HERE to view & download our App Training Deck, which includes instructions on bidding on a guest's behalf.

How to Use the Staff Portal

If you use the online Staff Portal, please follow the instructions below.

1. Staff Email
Staff members and volunteers will receive an email from Accelevents, informing them that they have been granted access to your fundraiser’s staff page. Click the “Access the Account” button.

2. Login
Staff and volunteers will be brought to a login page, where they can enter their email address and create a password in order to log in.

3. Staff Portal
Once signed in to the Staff Portal, volunteers can select the “Submit Silent Auction Bid” option.

4. Bid Submission
Finally, staff and volunteers will be able to enter guest’s information and bid amount. Press submit, and the bid is complete! 

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