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Add an info desk to your event

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The Info Desk allows you to enter more information about your event such as FAQs, documents & links and overview.

Info Desk

FAQs - Think about all the questions your attendees might ask during and after the event and list them all down there. This way, if you get too many inquiries, you can just ask them to check the Info Desk for more information. Don't forget to include information on how to contact you after the event and how long after the event can they still access your sessions.

Documents & Links - This may include various items such as pdfs, powerpoint presentations, link to your website, link to your social media channels etc. Just make sure to label them properly so that it's easy for attendees to determine which files they need.

Overview - this can be any additional information that you want to add. It can be about your company, the platform or about your team.

To enable the Info Desk

  • Open your admin console

  • Go to your Event Website tab

  • Select the Virtual Event Hub tab

  • Click Lobby

  • Enable Info Desk

To edit the Info Desk

  • Open your virtual event hub (click the View Site button)

  • Click Info Desk from the Lobby

  • Click + Update Info Desk

  • Click the Add button under Manage FAQ to add information

  • Click the field under Upload Document or drag your files to that field in order to upload documents (file types must be .pdf,.doc,.docx,docxx,.ppt,.pptx and only files up 10MB can be uploaded)

  • Click the Add button under Manage Document to add links

  • Enter information on Overview

  • Click Save then Close to exit the Edit Info Desk menu

Here are some sample FAQs you can add to your info desk:

1. Can I watch the recordings after the event has ended?
2. How long can I access the recordings after the event?
3. Can I download the video recordings?
4. Can I download the handouts?
5. How and who do I contact if I'm having issues joining the event or seeing the sessions?
6. How do I claim my prizes from gamification?
7. What else can I do in this event aside from joining the sessions?

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