If you're buying multiple tickets for an event, it's best to enter the individual information of each ticket holder to ensure everyone can log in. If you're not able to do that upon purchase, don't worry! You can still edit the ticket holder's information.

Please note that one email address can only be used for one attendee and cannot be shared between attendees.

Access Your Tickets

Note: Make sure to use the email address you initially entered while registering, this is the email address you received the order confirmation on.

Editing the Ticket Details

  • Select the ticket by clicking the event logo.

  • Note: If you are the ticket buyer, you will see your information first, and the rest of the ticket holders below.

  • Click Edit (pencil icon) on the upper right corner

  • Enter the new ticket holder information

  • Click Update. You may need to refresh the page to see the changes reflect.

Resending the Ticket Order Confirmation Email

Changing the email address on a ticket will not automatically send an email confirmation to the new email. Click Resend Email at the top of the page. This will resend an email confirmation for the ticket buyer and all the ticket holders in this transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select only one person to send the order email confirmation to?

  • This is currently unavailable. The resend will trigger for all tickets inside the order. We suggest making all the necessary edits before resending the email.

I changed an email address on a ticket, will that revoke the access of the previous email address to the event?

  • Yes, it will. You can always use that email on another ticket.

Can I use the same email for more than one person so the logins are not confusing?

  • No, our system uses single login security. If more than one instance of the same login is used, the previous occurrence of that login will be booted out of the event.

I can't see the edit option, how will I edit this?

  • This means the event admin did not allow the option for editing, but you may reach out to them directly to check if they can change it for you. Just click the Contact the Organizer button.

Can I change the ticket type from My Tickets?

  • No, if you want to change the ticket type, you'll have to buy a new one and ask your event organizer to refund you for the old ticket.

I bought multiple tickets for other people, will they be able to edit each other's ticket details?

  • No, only the ticket buyer can edit tickets within a purchase order. The ticket holder can edit the detail on their own designated ticket, but not others' or yours.

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