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Activating Your Ticketed Event

Activate your event by purchasing a paid plan and publishing the event

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The first time you create an event, your event will be under the Free Plan, which has limitations such as a limited number of event days, ticket types, and sessions.

Purchase a Paid Plan and Publish Your Event

To be able to edit your event fully, you will need to activate your event. Activating your involves the following steps:

  • Purchase a paid plan

  • Associate the plan to the event

  • Publish the event

If you already made a payment, but it's not reflecting correctly, or you're unable to publish, please contact your account manager or chat with us.

Purchase a Paid Plan

1. Access the Organizer Portal

  • Click Manage Organization at the bottom of your admin console navigation.

2. Select and Purchase a Plan

  • Go to the Billing tab in the Organizer Portal

  • Select a plan by clicking Buy Now or Get In Touch (for higher plans)

  • Enter your payment information and click Make Payment

    Note: For higher plans, you must book a meeting with our sales team to finalize the contract.

    Once your purchase is complete, you should see the plan you selected as your Current Plan in the Billing tab in your Organizer Portal.

    If you subscribe to a single-event plan like Professional, you'll see a 0/1 counter under the plan amount. This means that 1 professional plan was purchased and that the event with the professional plan has not been published.

Associate the Plan to the Event

  • Go to the Events tab

  • Under Event Plan, select the plan you want to associate with the event. (e.g., From a free plan to a professional plan)

  • If you purchased an annual plan, it will automatically select the plan for you.

Publish The Event

Publishing the event will apply the associated plan with the event. Go back to your Admin console by clicking Back to Event Setup. Then click the Publish button on the top or from the Overview tab and select Public or Private.

  • Private - Your event is private and will not be listed on our event listing site.

  • Public - Your event is public and will be added to our event listing site for additional exposure.


  • This is a required step for virtual and hybrid events. Please do not publish your test events.

  • If the event is not published, you can sell tickets, but we recommend publishing as soon as you pay for your plan so that you'll have access to all of the plan features.

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