The first time you create an event, your event will be under the Free Plan, which has limitations such as a limited number of event days, ticket types, and sessions.

To be able to edit your event fully, you will need to activate your event by selecting one of the paid plans.


  • If you already made a prepayment, but the incorrect plan is showing, please get in touch with your sales coordinator or chat with us.

  • If you made a payment but it's not showing up as activated, please chat with us so that we can check the setup.

1. Go to the Organizer Portal

To activate, click Manage Organization at the bottom of your admin console navigation.

If you don't see that option, you will need to select or add an organizer for your event. You can go to Event Details to add the organizer.

It will show an alert on the Dashboard tab if the event organizer is on a Free trial or not subscribed to any plans.

2. Go to Billing to Select a Plan

Once you click the Manage Organization tab, you will be redirected to the Organizer Portal. From here, click the Billing tab.

Choose the plan you need and click Activate. It will ask you to enter your credit card information, and once you submit it, it will charge the indicated amount.

3. Go to Events to Apply the Plan to Your Event

Go to the Events tab, then select the plan from the dropdown to apply it to your event.

4. Publish Your Event

After activating, you need to publish your event. Go back to your Admin console by clicking Back to Event Setup. Then click the Publish button and select Public or Private.

  • Private - Your event is private and will not be listed on our event listing site.

  • Public - Your event is public and will be added to our event listing site for additional exposure.

Note: This is a required step for virtual events. Just so you know, you only need to publish your actual events and not your test events.

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