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Dedicated Event Support VS Advanced Support
Dedicated Event Support VS Advanced Support

Aside from our articles and chatting with us, you're able to have a member of our team assist you directly with one of our support packages!

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Kinds of Support We Offer

Dedicated Event Support

This service includes having a member of our Customer Experience (CX) team meet with you and your team on a specific date and time to either have training and testing before your event or dedicated event support during your live event.

Dedicated Event Support Inclusion

  • Dedicated Event Support is $250/hour for 1 support representative, with a minimum of 2 consecutive hours available for customers on the Starter, Professional, Scale, or Enterprise virtual event plan

  • Your Dedicated Event Support representative will partner with you and your team to work together during your requested support time and can assist with the following:

    • Assist your speakers with troubleshooting, including accessing the studio

    • Assist attendees with troubleshooting, including accessing the event

    • Assist exhibitors with troubleshooting

    • Monitor the lobby chat and any active session chats to aid in troubleshooting and platform-related help.

    • Escalate any applicable situations to the Accelevents IT team.

Requesting Dedicated Event Support

  • Please complete our Dedicated Event Support Request Form with your event and support request details. Once confirmed, a member of our team will contact the primary contact.

  • The request must be submitted 14 days before your event's start date or earlier. This gives us time to check our representative's availability and lets you connect with the representative before the scheduled support.

Advanced Support

The Advanced Support package allows event organizers to receive 1:1 training and support while setting up their events. It is perfect for first-time Accelevents hosts or event hosts who are simply looking to gain a deeper understanding of how the platform works by learning from an expert.

Advanced Support Package Inclusion

  • The Advanced Support package costs $2,500 per event available for all types of virtual event plans, and includes the following:

    • Dedicated onboarding & training meeting with your Customer Success Manager (CSM)

    • 3 pre-event support meetings with your CSM

    • 2 consecutive hours of Dedicated Event Support

    • 24/7 live chat & phone support

Requesting the Advanced Support Package

  • We want to make sure Advanced Support is right for you! If you are already working with a member of our Sales team, please contact your representative directly to let them know you are interested. If not, reach out to us in the chat or via email at, and we'll connect you with our sales team!

  • Requests for Advanced Support should be submitted 21 days before your event's start date. This gives you and your Customer Success Manager time to connect for your onboarding meeting. It also allows you plenty of time to conduct tests on the platform before your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far out should I request Dedicated Event Support?

  • We require this request no later than 2 weeks before the requested event date. This will provide ample time for you and your Dedicated Event Support representative to have a 30-minute introductory meeting, briefly go over your event site, and discuss a communication plan during your event.

Which plans are eligible to request Dedicated Event Support?

  • Hosts on all virtual event plans are eligible to request Dedicated Event Support.

Can I request more than one Dedicated Event Support representative for the same date/time?

  • Yes, you can! If you have a larger event requiring more than 1 representative from our team, you may add that information to your request. Please note that there will be a separate payment for an additional representative.

Can I request a particular Dedicated Event Support representative?

  • Yes, you can indicate that in your request. However, confirming a particular representative will depend on their availability.

Can I cancel my request for Dedicated Event Support?

  • You may cancel up to 2 days before the scheduled support time.

Can I make changes to my Dedicated Event Support request? (e.g., change the time, add more hours, add another representative)

  • You must inform us by chat or email two weeks before the scheduled support time. We will then let you know if the adjustments have been approved.

How do I pay for the Dedicated Event Support?

  • The invoice will be sent in the first week of the next month following the event's conclusion. If you would like to pre-pay for this support, just let us know in your request so we can make arrangements.

How do I schedule the meetings and support hours included in the Advanced Support Package?

  • Once you've been connected with a Customer Success Manager, you will coordinate scheduling these meetings with them directly.

What happens in an onboarding call?

  • If you're new to the platform, your Customer Success Manager will ask you a few questions to understand your upcoming event and provide training on the platform features you will use. Onboarding will be conducted on a video call, where we will be sharing our screen to show you how the platform works.

  • Onboarding calls can be recorded for you and your team to review later on if requested.

  • We recommend taking a moment to explore the platform before the call so that you can gather your questions and discuss them during the call.

Can I include members of my staff in the call?

  • Yes, you can invite additional staff members if you think that the call would also be beneficial for them.

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