Uploading Speakers' File Handouts

Files can be uploaded to session by admins and speakers. Attendees can download through the virtual event hub and attendee app

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Add Downloadable Files to a Session

Adding files to sessions is a great way to share files with attendees. This way, they can get a copy of the speakers' presentation decks as well as other documents by simply downloading them through the session details section.

As an admin, you can upload these files through the session details in the admin console. Speakers can also upload their own files by accessing the My Speaking Schedule tab in the virtual event hub.

Important Notes

  • Keep in mind that uploaded files to a session only makes that file accessible for attendees to download and not a way for speakers to load up their slide decks ahead of time for presenting during the session. To show a slide presentation in the session, the speaker would still need to share their screen.

  • Attendees can only download the files if they are logged in to the virtual event hub or the attendee app. The files are unavailable through the landing page to ensure non-attendees cannot download them.


Upload Files as a Speaker

Once a speaker is added to a session, they will have access to the My Speaking Schedule tab in the virtual event hub. They will see their sessions and a button to Add Documents. Speakers can only upload documents; they cannot add links.

  • The maximum file size is 10MB

  • Supported file types are PDF, CSV, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, TXT

Note: If the file is bigger than 10MB, we suggest uploading the file to the cloud like Google Drive or Dropbox. As an admin, you'll have the option to add links aside from uploading files.

Upload Files and Links as an Admin

Admins can upload to any Regular, Mainstage, and Workshop sessions at any point, even after the sessions have finished broadcasting.

To upload a file to a session, simply open the session details in your admin console.

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers tab

  • Click the 3 dots on the session

  • Select Edit

  • Click Advanced Settings in the session details

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Manage Documents

If you click the Add Link tab, you'll find the option to insert the cloud links for files that are more than 10MB or if the file type is not supported by our platform. Make sure that your links have public permissions so attendees can access and download the files.

Download the Files in the Virtual Event Hub

Once in the virtual event hub, attendees can click the session details through the Agenda and download the files under Documents & Links.

If they are inside a session, they can click the Details section below the broadcast to download the files under Documents & Links.

Download the Files Through the Attendee App

Once logged in to the app, attendees need to enter the event, then enter the session to download the files in the Details tab under Documents & Links.

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