Uploading files inside the event is a useful function especially during sessions so attendees would have a copy of speakers' presentation decks as well as other documentation they may require.

Keep in mind that when a speaker uploads a file inside a session, it only makes that file accessible for attendees to download, and not a way for speakers to load up their slide decks ahead of time for presenting during the session.

To present a slide presentation to attendees, a speaker would still need to share their screen.

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How to upload files in a session for speakers

How to upload files and add links inside a session for admins

Frequently Asked Questions

Uploading Files in a Session for Speakers

Once a speaker is added to a session, all the sessions assigned to them will appear inside My Speaking Schedule:

To upload a file inside the session, simply click on + Add Documents

The file will become available inside the session once it becomes available for attendees to enter:

Uploading files and adding links inside a session for Admins

Admins can upload to any Regular, Mainstage, and Workshop sessions at any point even after the sessions have finished broadcasting.

To upload a file inside a session, simply open the session's edit menu and scroll down to Advanced Settings > Click Manage Documents to open and upload a file:

Adding links to a session

You can add any link or URL to a session that will open a new tab for the attendees to access. This is very handy for file types that are not supported by the event site, as you can use a Cloud sharing link. Any link can also be used, you may add a survey link, a link to a company website, or a YouTube video.

To add a link to a session, go to Advanced Settings > Manage Documents > Add links tab:

Add a name, paste the link, hit Submit, and select the Close button once done.

Another thing to keep in mind is that since workshops can only be accessed while it is broadcasting and live - files uploaded inside can only be seen by attendees that can enter the session. Once the workshop session ends, attendees (even admins) have no way of entering the finished session to see the files uploaded.

How files and links look to attendees once inside the session:

Frequently Asked Questions

What file types are supported when uploading inside the session's Manage Document area?

  • Supported file types are PDF, CSV, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, TXT with a 10MB maximum size.

How can a speaker add a link inside their session?

  • Admins would have to do it for them.

Can files be seen on the agenda like before?

  • For security purposes, files can only be seen inside the session by attendees when they enter.

If I use a cloud sharing link, do I need to set it to public?

  • Yes, our site does not change permission settings on sharing URLs, it would be best to set it to public, for sensitive files, you can still opt to share the link and set it so that only certain people can view or download it. This will be set up from the clound sharing service the file is uploaded on.

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