If you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, or Google, you can use your account to access the Accelevents platform. This way, you can Log In or Sign Up without having to remember an Accelevents password.

Log In

If you already have an Accelevents account, you can choose to log in using your Facebook, Google, Apple, or Linkedin accounts as well. By selecting one of these 4 options, you'll need to enter your e-mail and password. Keep in mind this account will need to be associated with the same e-mail address as your Accelevents account.

Sign Up

In case you don't have an Accelevents account yet, you can also create one by clicking on "Sign Up For Free!" and then select the account you prefer:

Frequently Asked Questions

When logging in using Facebook, Google, Apple, or LinkedIn, which information will I be sharing?

  • You'll only be sharing your name, profile photo, and e-mail.

Other than logging in from Accelevents website, can I login directly from an event page using these options?

  • You sure can! You just need to click "Login" at the top right corner of the event page and select your preferred account.

What if I use my Facebook, for example, to log in or sign up and then change my password?

  • Don't worry! You'll continue using the platform normally and the next time you login just remember to insert the new password.

What if I'm logged out and buy a ticket?

  • No worries! You'll still be able to browse through all of your Tickets and Events by logging in to your account at Accelevents website or through this link directly.

What if I'm an admin or attendee in more than one event? Which one will I be redirected to when I log in?

  • Once you log in the platform will automatically redirect you to the most recent event you have been added/registered or to the most recent event you have accessed. Keep in mind you can also browse through your Events by accessing your profile page.

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