Can Attendees Unsubscribe From My Event Emails?

Find out how attendees can unsubscribe from your event emails and where to find the list of unsubscribed participants.

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There are 2 different emails that people may receive from your event: Order Confirmation Email and Engage Emails

Both will come from, but only emails sent from Engage will come with an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

Types of Event Emails

Order Confirmation Emails and Reminders

Order Confirmation emails are automatic notifications that get sent out when someone registers for an event or is added as an attendee to the event by the organizer.
By default, an order confirmation will only be sent once upon being added to the event. Organizers can resend order confirmation emails by scheduling reminders or manually sending a copy of the order confirmation at the request of the attendee.

These emails contain order ticket details like the order number, an optional copy of the ticket order in PDF form to serve as a receipt, and a button to access the event once it's underway. At the bottom of the order confirmation, you can see an unsubscribe button:

Once clicked, you will be redirected to a new page with a pop up message:

To complete unsubscribing from event emails, disable the toggle for Notifications from event organizer then click Save.

Emails sent from Engage

Aside from order confirmations and reminders, you can schedule and send email blasts to your list of attendees by using the Engage function. All emails sent from Engage will contain an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email:

Once clicked, the attendee can opt to unsubscribe from all email blasts from your event. They will still be able to receive order confirmations, just not emails sent from Engage.

Unsubscribed list

To find out and download a CSV file of the list of unsubscribed attendees:

  • In the admin console, click Engage

  • Click Send Email

  • Click Unsubscribed Users

Note: You can't resubscribe an attendee from the list.

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