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What Happens When My Session Goes Over the Scheduled Time?
What Happens When My Session Goes Over the Scheduled Time?
Can I go over my allotted broadcast time?
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While broadcasting, you will find that there is a countdown timer at the top of the backstage studio:

The countdown is just a reminder to let speakers know how much time they have left on the session's scheduled runtime in the agenda, but this is not a countdown towards having the session stop on its own. Once you reach the end time for the session, the countdown will simply display zero time left, but the broadcast will continue until someone hits the Stop Broadcast button.

What happens when there are back to back sessions and the current one goes over the scheduled session run time

Accelevents does not automatically cut off any session regardless if it's running for more than the scheduled time it was initially set up with.

Depending on the type of session, there will be different functions that will happen.

Back to back Mainstage Sessions

While inside a mainstage session that is still currently broadcasting, but another mainstage session is about to start, attendees will see a pop-up:

Attendees can choose to close the pop-up and remain on the session, when Join Now is clicked, they will be redirected to the next mainstage session.

Back to Back or Concurrent Regular Sessions

Whether or not a previous session is running longer than the allotted time, regular sessions that are broadcasting concurrently will show other live sessions at the bottom of the screen - with a button to let attendees join any live regular session happening at the moment:

There is no pop-up at the middle of the page to ask attendees if they want to leave the current session and hop on to the next one. Push Notifications will still show up at the bottom left like usual.

Back to Back or Concurrent Workshop Sessions

Unlike Regular sessions where other live sessions show up under the broadcast, workshop sessions do not show other workshop sessions happening at the moment at the bottom of the page.

Once the end time arrives for a workshop session, unless everyone leaves, it will continue to broadcast to anyone who is still inside the workshop.

But attendees that have not entered the session within the scheduled time, cannot enter anymore, regardless if there are still people inside the workshop session that went overtime.

For example:

A workshop session is scheduled to start at 1 PM and end at 1:30 PM.
Speakers and attendees went overtime anyone inside the session can continue on.

If an attendee wants to join they should join within 1-1:30 PM, any attendee that entered within that time but left the workshop session, will also not be able to enter again as soon as the end time arrives.

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