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What Happens When My Session Goes Over the Scheduled Time?
What Happens When My Session Goes Over the Scheduled Time?

Can I go over my allotted broadcast time?

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Will the Broadcast Stop if the Session Goes Overtime?

When this question is asked, the main concern is if the broadcast will stop. No, the broadcast will not stop; it will continue until you end it in the Studio for Main Stage and Regular Sessions. This also applies to other stream providers, the video will not stop.

If it's a Workshop Session, participants can continue their discussion. No one will be kicked out of the session.

If it's a Networking Session and it reaches the end of the session schedule, all current matches will continue until the match ends.

What is the Countdown Timer for in the Studio and Workshop?

You will find a countdown timer at the top of the page if you're broadcasting in the Studio or a live Workshop Session. The countdown is just a reminder to let you know how much time you have left on the session's scheduled runtime in the agenda, but it does not mean that when you reach the end of the countdown, the broadcast will automatically stop. Once you reach the end time for the session, the countdown will simply display zero time left, but the broadcast will continue until someone hits the Stop Broadcast button in the Studio or if everyone has left the Workshop Session.

Can Attendees Enter the Session During the Extension?

For Main Stage and Regular Sessions, attendees can still join. The button will still say "Join" instead of "View Recording."

For Workshops and Networking, attendees cannot enter anymore, regardless of whether people are still inside.

What if the next session is about to start, and the current session is extended?

The next session can still start on time while the other session is going over time. If these are back-to-back Main Stage sessions, attendees will see a pop-up asking them if they want to join the next session or stay in the current session.

For Regular Sessions, attendees may see the next session in the Live Sessions tab under the broadcast. From there, they can click the Join button to move on to the next session.

If attendees have bookmarked the sessions, they will also see a push notification 1 minute before the session starts where they can click the Join Session button.

For Workshops and Networking, if attendees are still inside the session, they won't get any option to join the next session unless they bookmarked the session, then they will see a push notification.

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