When you select a Professional, Scale, Enterprise, or White Label plan, the plan comes with Attendee Event Day Credits that can be used towards the Per Attendee Fee that is charged to you. The higher your plan is, the more credits you get.

One credit is equal to $3. So if you select a Professional Plan at $5000, you will have 500 Attendee Day Credits which is worth $1500. The $1500 is an amount that we can deduct from your bill. It will only apply to the $3 per attendee per day fee.

For example:

Plan: Professional

Attendee Day Credits: 500 x $3 = $1500

Event Days: 2 days

Attendees: 300

Total amount for Attendee Fees: 300 Attendees x $3 x 2 days = $1800

Attendee Day Credits: $1500

Total Amount to be billed: $1800 - $1500 = $300

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Attendee Day Credits be applied to other fees (e.g. ticket fees, credit card processing fees, attendee upload fee, dedicated event support fee)

  • No, it's only applicable to the Attendee Fees at $3 per day per attendee

If I don't use all the credits for my event, can I apply them to another event?

  • For single-event plans, Starter and Professional, the leftover credits cannot be applied to another event.

  • For multi-event plans, Scale, Enterprise, and White Label, the leftover credits can be applied to future events under the same plan.

Can the credits be converted to cash if unused?

  • No, credits cannot be converted, it may only be used towards the per attendee per day fee.

Can you deduct the credits from the Plan Fee (e.g. Professional Plan Fee $5000 - $1500, pay only $3500)

  • No, credits cannot be deducted from the plan fee amount, it may only be used towards the per attendee per day fee.

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