What are Registrant Credits?
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Registrant Credits

When you select any paid plan, it comes with Registrant Credits that can be used towards the Registrant Usage Fee that is charged to you. Registrants are defined as the number of people who have access to your event, whether or not they attend. This includes all registrants with tickets, event admins, staff, speakers, and exhibitors.

Note: If you have a special arrangement with your account manager or your event is still under the old pricing, please get in touch with them directly should you have any questions.

Here's an example...

If your plan comes with 500 credits and you have exactly 500 registrants for your event, you don't need to pay anything extra for the Registrant Usage Fee. However, if you exceed 500 registrants, like in the image below, where there are 699 registrants, you will be charged a fixed amount per excess registrant (199 registrants), depending on your plan.

Note that the number of tickets sold is higher than the number of registrants, this means there are registrants with multiple tickets under the same email address, but we do not count the duplicates in registrants. We count the number of unique email addresses, regardless of how many tickets they have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Registrant Credits be applied to other fees (e.g., ticket fees, credit card processing fees, attendee upload fee, dedicated event support fee)

  • No, it's only applicable to the Registrant Fees depending on the plan

If I don't use all the credits for my event, can I apply them to another event?

  • For single-event plans, Starter and Professional, the leftover credits cannot be applied to another event.

  • For multi-event plans, Business, Enterprise, and White Label, the leftover credits can be applied to future events under the same plan.

Can the credits be converted to cash if unused?

  • No, credits cannot be converted; they may only be used towards the registrant usage.

Can you deduct the credits from the Plan Base Fee?

  • No, credits cannot be deducted from the plan fee amount; they may only be used towards the registrant usage.

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