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Audience Analytics: View and Download Attendee Lists Across All Your Events
Audience Analytics: View and Download Attendee Lists Across All Your Events

Create filtered attendee reports

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The Audience tab in your Organizer Portal lists all the attendees from all events under the same organizer. You can create list segments that allow you to view and download attendees with specific parameters.

Note: This feature is only available for Enterprise and White Label Plans.

The Audience Analytics Tab

From your admin console, click Manage Organization from the bottom left side panel to redirect you to your organizer portal.

Click the Audience Analytics tab from the organizer portal.

Customize Your View

As a default, when you go to your Audience tab, you'll see the attendee name, email address, company, job title, and last activity. To change which columns to display in your Audience tab, click the gear icon on the right side to select the columns you want to show.

Create a Segment

Click the Create Segment button if, for example, you want to generate a list of attendees from a specific event or if you want to view all attendees from the same company. From here, you can create list segments that will allow you to select the data you want to see by adding filters.

Click Add a Filter from the left side menu, then select the parameters you require:

  • Personal Data: First Name, Last Name, Company, etc.

  • Registration: Ticket Buyer, Ticket Holder, Order Status, etc.

  • Engagement: Joined a Session, Bookmarked a Session, Event Name, etc.

You can add as many filters as you want. You can also add a date range under Any Time.

Choose All Filters if you want to see attendees with all the criteria in your filters.

Choose Any Filters if you want to see attendees with at least one criteria in your filters.

Click Save at the bottom to see the results of your filter. It may take some time to load your list, depending on how many attendees you have. Your segment will show the 5 original columns, and you should be able to edit the view later after saving it. If you're satisfied with your list segment, click Save Segment, give your segment a name, and click Save. If not, you can edit or reset the filters.

After saving, you'll be able to view the segment by selecting it from the dropdown. From here, you can customize the columns you want to view.

Download a Segment

Click Download just above the gear icon. It will download the segment CSV file with all the columns you selected to be displayed.

Sample downloaded segment:

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