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Attendees Usages: How Will I Know How Many People Attended My Event?
Attendees Usages: How Will I Know How Many People Attended My Event?

Get the most accurate report on the total number of attendees

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To get the most accurate report on the number of attendees at your event, you'll need to go to your Organizer Portal or Enterprise / White Label Dashboard and download the Attendee Usages Report.

The Attendee Usages report will show all the checked-in attendees, including speakers and exhibitors who entered without a ticket. It will NOT show the following:

  • Anyone who entered before the event is published - if the event is not published yet, only 25 people can enter (reserved for your team).

  • Duplicate attendees - if an attendee has 2 tickets under the same email address, they will only appear once in the report.

  • Attendees That Are Manually Checked In - If an admin or staff manually checks in an attendee through the admin console or staff portal, the attendee will not be on the list even if the attendee has NOT entered the virtual event hub.

  • In-person attendees - if you have a hybrid event, in-person attendees who don't log in to the virtual event hub will not be counted.

  • Accelevents Staff - if an Accelevents staff enters your event to help you, they will be removed from your list.

Download the Attendee Usages Report

  • Select the Billing tab

  • Select the event under the Event Activation tab

  • Click the Download button under Attendee Usages

If you're under the Enterprise or White Label Plan, access the dashboard for that instead.

  • Go to the Enterprise or White Label Dashboard

  • Select the Events tab

  • Click the 3 dots under Action

  • Select Attendee Usage to download the list

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