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Other Fund A Need Settings
Other Fund A Need Settings

Set your Fund A Need end date and time, enable a countdown timer, customize categories, and more!

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Once you're done uploading items for your Fund A Need module, you can now go ahead and customize the other Fund A Need settings available in the admin console.

Fund A Need Settings

Here, you can edit the following:

Set The End Date and Time

You can start accepting pledges as soon as you activate your Fund A Need. The date, time, and timezone you set in the End Time fields mean this is when you will stop receiving pledges.

Pledge Button Text

By default, the pledge button text is shown as "Pledge Now". You can customize the text for the pledge button by up to 20 characters.

Enable Item Categories

Enabling this setting allows your participants to browse through your Fund A Need items easier, based on the categories you've assigned the items to. Disable it by just turning off the toggle.

Include Unpaid Pledge in Total

This setting, once enabled, will include all unpaid pledges made through text in the total pledges count. Disabling this setting will exclude the unpaid pledges.

Collect Fundraising Participant Mailing Addresses

If you have tangible items for Fund A Need, we recommend that you enable this setting so you have a record of where you would send the items to. Participants will be asked for their addresses the first time they pledge, and their addresses will auto-populate in their succeeding pledges; they just need to confirm if it's the correct address.

Show Fund A Need Countdown Timer

When enabled, the Fund A Need countdown timer will appear below the Fund A Need tab on your event page.

Show the Fund A Need Tab

If you're still setting up your Fund A Need items, it might be a good idea to hide the Fund a Need tab and show it when everything is complete.

Show Item Totals

Leave this setting enabled if you want the Total Proceeds amount of each Fund A Need item shown to your participants. Disabling this setting will hide the Total Proceeds amount.

Show Text Message Instructions for Fund A Need

The instructions with the event text message number should appear in the Fund A Need tab on your event page. If you're not allowing your participants to submit pledges through text, it would be best to hide this.

Category Management

There are four default categories that you can edit, rearrange, or delete to suit your Fund A Need items. You can also add new categories.

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