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Buy It Now Feature for Auctions
Buy It Now Feature for Auctions

Let your bidders know the exact price that they need to pay for an item so that they can purchase it right away!

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The Buy It Now feature allows you to set a price for an item, and bidders can purchase it even if the auction has yet to end. Bidders committed to winning your auction item won't need to place several bids for the same item because they can purchase it when they enter the Buy It Now amount when they submit the bid.

Important Notes:

  • The Buy It Now option is available for all auction items.

  • You can add or edit the Buy It Now Price anytime before the auction ends, but you can no longer edit it if someone has already bought it.

  • If you leave the Buy it Now Price blank, participants won't have the option to buy it; instead, they will have to bid and wait until the end of the auction to see if they are the highest bidder to win the item.

  • If they buy the item, they will be charged immediately, not at the end of the auction.

  • If they enter an amount higher than the Buy It Now price, they will win the item and be charged for the amount they entered.

  • You can have multiple buyers / winners for an item with a Buy It Now price.

Adding Buy It Now Price to an Auction Item

Simply add your desired price in the Buy It Now Price field, and it will automatically reflect on the auction item.

Purchase an Auction Item Using the Buy It Now Option

  • Click the Buy It Now button

  • You will be directed to the auction item's page

  • Enter the Buy It Now amount into the Bid Amount field

  • Enter the payment information and click Submit Bid

  • Click Confirm

  • Once payment is processed, a popup will show that you've placed your bid successfully, and the item page will show that you've purchased the item.

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