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How are winners selected and notified with Auctions?
How are winners selected and notified with Auctions?

Winners are automatically notified after the event via text message and email.

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Winner Selection and Notification in Auctions

Notification through Email and Text Messages

When the auction is over, the highest bidders for each item will be notified via text message and email. There should be a link in the text message where they can settle the payment and a Check Out button in the email.

Disabling Auction Winner Notifications

If you prefer not to notify them, please reach out to us via chat, and we'll disable the notifications for you. This includes both email and text message notifications.

Change the Auction Winner's Text Messages

As a default, these are the text messages your auction winners would receive depending if they won single or multiple items, with the payment link either enabled or disabled, and if the outbidding extension is enabled.

While these text messages can be customized up to 300 characters, please note that any text within brackets cannot be altered or deleted. If you would like to customize these text messages, please let us know via chat, and we'll be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where would I find the list of auction winners?

  • From your Admin Console> Auction> Bidders and Winners > Winners tab

How do I follow up payments?

How do I arrange to send the items to the winners?

  • You will have to arrange that externally, there is no option to arrange that from within Accelevents.

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