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How can Accelevents solutions help my event?
How can Accelevents solutions help my event?
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Accelevents solutions are designed to enhance your event experience, whether it may be an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event.

How can Accelevents solutions help my event?

In-Person Event

Eliminate waiting lines (and frustration) at your next event. Provide attendees with a smooth, contactless check-in by scanning in their QR code. Or turn your iPad Into a contactless check-in kiosk to enable attendees to self-check in quickly and safely.

Virtual Event

Using our all-in-one event platform will give you access to host a seamless virtual event. From event ticketing to hosting live broadcasts to networking with other attendees, real-time analytics and gamification give you the capability to manage your event on just one platform.

By bringing those features together, it brings all your attendees from wherever they are in the globe, allowing you to host a cost-efficient event. From each of their perspective, Accelevents allows you to have a better place to learn, unite, educate, entertain, and inspire. We understand the complexities of producing successful events and the challenges that come with executing them. Consequently, our platform is specifically designed to minimize technology hurdles and elevate the event experience for both hosts and attendees.

Hybrid Event

Reach new audiences and generate more revenue with hybrid events. Make everyone feel like they’re in the room by enabling attendees to learn, connect, and have fun together. We play nice with others, so you can bring your own A/V partner. Live stream your in-person sessions simultaneously for your online audience. Attendees can access both physical and virtual experiences on any device.


Using simple, Text-based systems for either your silent auction or raffle system, donors are seamlessly informed of your fundraising system, instructed on how to use the system, and can then begin submitting bids or buying raffle tickets.

By getting rid of the physical silent auction/raffle systems, Accelevents removes the headaches of manually filling out bid sheets or tickets and waiting near the bidding tables to submit your bids or tickets. From the host’s viewpoint, Accelevents allows you to easily track items, bids, total funds raised, and prize winners without the hassle of doing so with physical tickets and bid sheets.

Our solutions' ease of use and efficiency allow donors and hosts alike to focus on the event itself, creating an enhanced event experience and increasing funds raised for your event.

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