Live Stream Through Zoom Redirect

Stream the session through Zoom and attendees will watch the session in Zoom instead of watching it from the virtual event hub.

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Using Zoom Redirect as a Stream Provider

If Zoom Redirect is selected as the stream provider, attendees will be taken to the actual Zoom meeting. When attendees click the Join button to a session, they will be directed to a new tab, and the Zoom meeting can be launched from there.

1. Create a Meeting via Zoom

  • Login to

  • Click Schedule a Meeting

  • Enter your meeting details and save

  • Copy the Invite Link

2. Create a Session in Accelevents

  • Go to Agenda & Speakers

  • Click Add Session

  • Select either Main Stage or Regular as a session type

  • Enter your session details

  • Click the Broadcasting tab

  • Select Zoom Redirect as your Stream Provider

  • Paste the full Invite Link you copied from step 1

3. Start the Meeting in Zoom

  • Go back to Zoom and click Start

  • Once started, your attendees can join the meeting

Note: Speakers can join from their My Speaking Schedule. They just need to click the Enter Session button, and then they can click the Join button once they are in the session. It will redirect them to the Zoom meeting.

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