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Using HubSpot Source Tracking for Event Registration

Track your registration through a non-HubSpot form

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HubSpot Source Tracking

If you have integrated Accelevents with your HubSpot account, you can track event registrations coming from your event landing page through Non-HubSpot forms.

For the non-HubSpot form to work on your landing page, you'll need to enable the non-HubSpot form feature and then add your HubSpot tracking code to the event. The non-HubSpot form will be created after a post-setup attendee registration is done through your event landing page.

If you still need to configure your integration to export event data from Accelevents to HubSpot, click here to start setting it up. Once you're done, you can go ahead with the steps below.

1. Turn on the non-HubSpot feature

  • Log in to your HubSpot account

  • Go to Settings (gear icon)

  • Go to Tools > Marketing > Forms

  • Select the Non-HubSpot Forms tab

  • Turn on the toggle to Collect data from website forms

2. Get your HubSpot Tracking Code

  • From the HubSpot Setting page, go to Account Setup > Tracking & Analytics

  • Select Tracking Code

  • Copy the code under Tracking Code

3. Paste the code to your event

  • Open your event for editing

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Click the Add Custom Script button for the Landing Page

  • Paste the code to the Initial Script section

  • Click Save

4. Test by registering for the event

  • Access your event landing page and register for the event

  • In your HubSpot account, go to Marketing > Forms

  • You should see a new non-HubSpot form created (e.g., #buyerInfoForm), and it will have the event ID. If you are tracking different events, it will create separate forms.

  • Click the number for Form Submissions to see the submissions.

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