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Effortlessly replicate the structure of your events without duplicating or removing unwanted elements.
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Make event creation easier with Event Templates. If you've organized an event before and want to use the same settings for future events, you can save that event as a template. Using these event templates lets you quickly apply pre-selected event elements, saving you valuable time building your new event.

Note: Currently, only event admins can see created templates. If your access is only for an organizer admin, please have one of the organizers add you as an event admin to see the templates.

1. Go to the Organizer Portal

To start, you can head over to your Organizer Portal. In the Events tab, there are 3 sub-tabs for active & upcoming events under this organizer, past events, and the new sub-tab, Templates, which will list all the templates you create.

2. Select an Event

You have the flexibility to choose from both active & upcoming events, as well as past events, to serve as your templates. Click the 3 dot menu next to the event and then click Save as template.

Enter the template name, add an optional description, and tick all the event elements you'd like this template to have. Sub-elements that are grayed out require their main elements to be selected, such as Sessions and Exhibitors. Click the Save button when you're done.

3. Use the Event Template to Create a New Event

Go to the Templates tab to see the event template you created.

Hover on the template to see the other settings.

  • Edit Template - click this if you'd like to add or remove event elements to the template.

  • Use Template (Create Event) - click this to create a new event by copying the content of the template.

  • 3 Dot Menu - click to rename or delete the template.

Click the Use Template (Create Event) button to use this template for a new event. A notification will appear in the upper right corner, confirming that a new event is successfully created.

You will find the new event in the Active & Upcoming sub-tab with COPY included in the event name. Click the event to start adding the rest of the elements for this new event.

Items that are not copied over to the template

  • Attendees

  • Stream provider

  • Uploaded session videos

  • Integration mapping

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the event date of the new event created through the event template?

  • When you create a new event using a template, it will automatically be scheduled to start one month after the creation date.

If I include event admins in the new event created through the template, will they be notified?

  • Yes, included event admins will automatically receive a welcome email notifying them of their access to the new event.

If I include speakers and exhibitors in the new event created through the template, will they be notified?

  • No, included speakers and exhibitors will not be notified.

If I edit the template and add the items that are not copied over (e.g., upload a video for a session), will it show on the new event created through the template?

  • No. While the added session copies over, the uploaded video will not be copied over to the new event.

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