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Private Events: Password Protected Events
Private Events: Password Protected Events

Create an event password and give it only to those who you want to access your event page

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The Private Event Feature

This feature allows you to limit the number of page visitors by adding a password before accessing the event page. When this feature is enabled, your event URL will be unlisted from our event listing page and unsearchable.

To set this up, go to Event Details in your admin console, then enable "This is a Private Event." Create a password with a minimum of 4 characters, then click Save.

When someone tries to access your event page through a browser for the first time, they will be asked to enter the password before proceeding to the event page.


  • When this setting is enabled, and your event publish settings are set to "public," your event will still be private and won't be added to our event listing page.

  • As an event admin, you won't see the password page when you access it on your regular browser; please access it through an incognito browser.

  • This feature can also work for fundraising events

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