Managing your Accelevents Data in Marketo

This article covers how to find your attendees in Marketo

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Where to Find Attendees in Marketo

After connecting the Marketo-Accelevents integration, new registrations post-integration should appear in your Marketo account. Attendees should be added as members of an auto-generated Program Event in Marketo.

Note: Only registrations done while the integration is turned on will be exported to Marketo.

In this article, you'll learn where to find those attendees in Marketo and what other changes happen to their records when there are status and order updates.

If you still need to integrate, you can follow the steps in this article to set up the Integration to Export Event Data from Accelevents Into Marketo.

Locate Attendees in Marketo

The Program Event is auto-generated by Accelevents. To trigger the creation of a Program Event, an attendee registration must be done after the integration. If you don't have any registrations yet, please test by registering yourself for the event.

Once done, go back to Marketo to check if the attendee has been imported to the Program Events folder:

  • Login to Marketo

  • Select Marketing Activities

  • Click the Program_Events folder

  • Select the event

  • Click Members

The Members tab will show a list of attendees from Accelevents.

Important Notes:

  • Marketo draws the Program Event name from the last part of your event URL and not the event name, so if you change your event URL and a new registration comes in, it will create a new Program Event in Marketo, and the attendee will be added as a new member in there.

  • Please DO NOT move the event out of the Program_Events folder or move it to a sub-folder. This will break the integration.

Attendee Registration Status in Marketo

To know if the attendee has already checked in to the event, you can check the Status column in the Members tab.

  • An attendee who has not entered the event will show a Registered status.

  • An attendee who has entered the event will show an Attended status.

  • The attendee will be removed from the list if a ticket is deleted or refunded.

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