Getting more data from your attendees has never been more important. With our built-in Marketo integration, you can start gaining insights from your attendees way before the event starts.

Note: This integration is only available for Scale, Professional, Enterprise, and White Label accounts.

Integrating Marketo

  • Log in with either your organization or white label account (accessed from the bottom left corner of any event page connected to an Organizer Profile)

  • Go to the Integrations tab

  • Select Configure under Marketo

  • A pop-up window will appear. Log in to your Marketo account from this page by clicking on New authentication:

  • After logging in to your Marketo account, enter the following details from your Marketo Admin tab:

  • API endpoint domain can be found under the Admin > Web Services tab inside the REST API box in your Marketo account. Make sure you do not include the tail end /rest or /identity part.

  • In your Marketo account, head over to the LaunchPoint tab, then select the service you intend to use and select View Details.

  • Client ID and Client Secret will be found in the pop up:

  • Navigate back to Accelevents and enter these details in the pop-up box, then click Create.

  • Click Next on the following page:

  • From here you can set up your field mapping. Once complete, select Finish.

  • It is important to note that the current version of the integration only allows for the following fields to be mapped from your event registration form:

    • Email

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Cell Phone

    • Prefix

    • Billing Address

    • Shipping Address

    • Gender

    • Birthday

    • Age

    • Organization

    • Job title

    • Image

  • After mapping your fields, the button under Marketo will be green - click on Enable to finalize the integration.

  • You can always click the green button again to disable this integration. When you do, the button will turn red:

  • If you want to redo the whole process and map additional fields, click on the edit button:

  • To link a different Marketo account, click on the trash icon in the upper right and click Confirm:

  • Once you have deleted the integration, you will be able to link a different Marketo account by repeating the steps above.

Accessing Accelevents Attendees in Marketo

Once you're done integrating, a folder in Marketo will be created wherein all the registered attendees will be added.

  • Login to Marketo

  • select Marketing Activities

  • Click the Program_Events folder

  • Select the event

  • Click Members

The Members tab will show a list of attendee information that has been copied from Accelevents to Marketo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add custom fields from Marketo?

  • Not yet, but stay tuned!

Will this be linked to all events I have on the Organizer profile?

  • Yes, as long as the events are under the same organizer profile.

What if I want to add more fields to the already linked Marketo account?

  • You will need to delete the existing integration and redo the process to get to the Configure Marketo Mapping window and add fields.

Will attendees who registered before the integration be carried over to Marketo?

  • No

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