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Configure Integration to Export Event Data Into Marketo
Configure Integration to Export Event Data Into Marketo

You can connect your Accelevents account to Marketo through this new integration!

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Accelevents to Marketo Integration

Getting more data from your attendees has never been more critical. With our built-in Marketo integration, you can have your event attendees automatically appear in Marketo.

โ€‹Note: This integration is only available for Scale/Business, Professional, Enterprise, and White Label accounts.

Connect the Integration

This step will allow you to connect your Marketo account to Accelevents.

  1. Go to your Organizer Portal by clicking the Manage Organization found on the bottom left corner of any event admin console.

  2. Go to the Integrations tab and click Configure under the Marketo logo.

If you're not seeing the Integrations tab, you'll need to access your Enterprise or White Label Dashboard to see the Integrations tab. Click My Enterprise from the Organizer Portal to take you to your Enterprise or White Label Dashboard, where you should find the Integrations tab.

You can also access the direct Enterprise or White Label Dashboard URL to see the Integrations tab. The URL would look something like this:

3. Click New Authentication from the pop-up window to log in to your Marketo account.

4. A window within the pop-up will appear. You will need to enter the following details from your Marketo account:

  • API endpoint domain

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

For API Endpoint Domain

  • Go to Admin > Web Services in your Marketo account

  • Copy the Endpoint under REST API

  • DO NOT INCLUDE the tail end /rest part

  • Example:

For Client ID and Secret ID

  • Go to Admin > LaunchPoint in your Marketo account

  • Click View Details on the service you intend to use

  • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret ID from the pop-up

5. Enter all the keys copied from your Marketo account to the pop-up in Accelevents, then click Create.

Please make sure there are no extra spaces, it will still accept it with extra space, but your integration will not work.

6. Click Next on the following page.

7. Click Finish.

8. After clicking Finish, return to the Integrations tab and wait for the integration to enable. The green button under Marketo will turn red once enabled and connected.

Set the Attendee Destination and Status

To make sure that attendees are imported to the correct destination in Marketo and that their status is updated when they check in or if the order is deleted, please follow the steps below.

  • Go to Admin

  • Select Tags

  • Expand Channel

  • Select Live Event (or create one if you don't have it)

  • Make sure that the fields have these values:

    • Channel: Live Event

    • Applies to: Event

    • Analytics Behavior: Normal (requires period cost)

  • Check this screenshot below. Your setup should be identical to this.

  • The Status sequence should have this order and value.



System Mapping













No Show


No Show

  • Click Save.

At this point, you're done setting up your integration, which will apply to all events under the organizer you integrated; all new registrations should be automatically added to your Marketo account.

The next steps below are for field mapping, other optional settings, and a way to edit or disconnect your integration.

Map Order Form Questions

By default, the attendee's Email, First Name, and Last Name are the fields that will be exported from Accelevents to Marketo. If you want to include other order form answers to the data transfer, you can map those fields in the Configure Marketo Mapping menu.

Important Note: We can only map to Marketo fields in text or number format. It will not work if the Marketo field is a picklist, dropdown, checkbox, etc.

Other Optional Settings

Import Other Auto-Generated Information from the Attendee's Order

Aside from mapping the order form fields, you can also map auto-generated data from the attendee's order, such as the order number, ticket name, ticket number, tracking link, and QR code.

Track Attendee Activity in Marketo

By default, this feature is already enabled. You can track various activities such as checking in to the event, bookmarking sessions, participating in polls, etc. in Marketo.

Edit the Integration

If you want to edit the existing integration, click Edit from the integrations page, and it will take you back to the step where it asks you to click "New Authentication" (step 3).

Disconnect the Integration

If you want to uninstall the integration, click the red Disable button, then click the 3 dot menu in the Marketo tile on the integrations page within Accelevents, then click Uninstall. Once it's disconnected, you can connect a Marketo account from scratch.

Disable the Integration for a Specific Event

If you don't want a specific event integrated with Marketo, open the admin console for that event, navigate to Settings > Integrations, and turn off the toggle next to Marketo.

Frequently Asked Questions

If changes are done in the order in Accelevents, will it update in Marketo?

  • Yes, if updates are made to the order (e.g. name, job title), this will also be updated in Marketo as long as those fields are mapped.

If changes are done in the record in Marketo, will it update in Accelevents?

  • No, changes will not be reflected in Accelevents.

If they register twice for the event, will they be added to Marketo twice?

  • No, if they are using the same email address, it will not create a second member.

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