Attendee Event Activity Logs in Marketo

Track what your attendees are doing in your event through Marketo!

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With the Accelevents-Marketo integration, Marketo will log some activities done by the attendee in the event, such as:

  • Registered for the event

  • Bookmarked a session

  • Checked in to the event

  • Joined a session

  • Watched a session recording

  • Viewed a Speaker Profile (clicked from the session box)

  • Clicked on a Sponsor in the Lobby

  • Viewed an Exhibitor Booth

  • Posted a question in the exhibitor Q&A

  • Voted on exhibitor poll

  • Viewed a product in an exhibitor's booth

  • Clicked the Exhibitor Call-to-Action button

  • Joined the Exhibitor Live Stream

  • Booked a meeting with an exhibitor admin or lead retriever

  • Joined a lounge

  • Sent a connection request to an attendee

  • Accepted a connection request from an attendee

  • Scheduled a meeting with another attendee

  • Posted a comment in the lobby feed

  • Replied to a lobby feed comment

  • Viewed the Info Desk

Contact Activity Log Events

To see this information in Marketo, open the attendee's member record, then click Activity Log.

By default, these activities are being tracked in Marketo. However, if you don't want to track this information, you can turn it off in the admin console through Settings > Integrations > Marketo Configure button.

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