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See a sample welcome video and learn how to upload the video file or paste the video URL

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In this era of virtual gatherings, the significance of a welcome video cannot be overstated. As attendees embark on their journey into the immersive world of online events, a well-crafted welcome video serves as a compass, guiding them through the landscape of possibilities and setting the tone for what lies ahead.

Moreover, a welcome video serves as a navigational beacon, offering insights into the event's structure, key features, and the exciting journey that awaits. It becomes a roadmap, ensuring attendees feel confident and empowered to maximize their virtual experience.

Attendees can view the welcome video in the event hub through a browser and the attendee app. It will appear the first time they log in.

Here's a sample welcome video to help attendees navigate the virtual hub. If the information applies to your event, you may use this as your welcome video.

Add a Welcome Video to the Virtual Hub

  • Go to the Event Design > Event Hub in your admin console

  • Under Hub Configuration, click the Content tab, you'll see the Welcome Pop-Up section

There are two ways to add a video:

Paste the Video URL

If you have a video posted on YouTube or other video-posting channels, you can add the video URL to the Welcome Message. Just click the camera icon and paste the video URL.

Upload the Video File

If you have the video file on your device, click Choose File to upload the video. The video format is mp4 up to 5 GB. You will see a preview after uploading.

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