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Colored Badge Printing
Colored Badge Printing

Connect PrintNode to print colored badges

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Print Colored Badges

In addition to printing black-and-white badges through a thermal printer, you can install PrintNode on your desktop and connect it to a compatible printer, including printers with colored ink and printers using PVC, then trigger the print from the Admin App.

How it Works

The printer is connected to the laptop through the same network. Then, PrintNode is downloaded and installed on the laptop. Next, PrintNode is integrated into the event through an API key. On the iPad, select the printer connected to the laptop from the PrintNode menu.

Important Notes:

  • If you’re using this feature, it’s essential that you contact your Account Manager to arrange a meeting with our product team a few weeks before the event to test PrintNode with your computer and printer. Testing will allow us to determine if the devices are compatible and if additional drivers/installers are needed.

  • This process only allows you to print if the badge printing is triggered through the iPad Admin App.

  • PrintNode should be installed on a computer, not on the iPad.

  • For best results, install PrintNode on a macOS device.

  • To make this work, the printer should be connected to the same network as the computer or directly connected to the computer.

  • Please ensure you install the latest app version to see the latest updates.

  • Please check and test the list of compatible printers before the event, as some settings may need to be adjusted.

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