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Print from an iPad to any Printer Connected to PrintNode
Print from an iPad to any Printer Connected to PrintNode

Download PrintNode and integrate it with Accelevents to print from an iPad

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If you're having difficulty connecting your printer to the Admin App or want to print colored badges, downloading PrintNode to your laptop may be your answer.

Note: For colored printers connected through PrintNode, depending on the model of the printer and the badge's design, it may take 20 seconds or more to print a badge. We recommend pre-printing your colored design on the badges to reduce print time. On the event day, you can print the attendee information in black through a thermal printer during check-in. This way, printing would be faster.

How it Works

The printer is connected to the laptop through the same network. Then, PrintNode is downloaded and installed on the laptop. Next, PrintNode is integrated into the event through an API key. On the iPad, select the printer connected to the laptop from the PrintNode menu.

Step 1: Connect The Printer to the Computer

You must connect the printer to a computer instead of directly to the iPad. The printer should be connected to the same network as the computer or directly to the computer.

Step 2: Install PrintNode to the Computer

  • After downloading, open the file and log in to your PrintNode account.

  • You should see PrintNode's icon at the top of your screen. Click that to check if the printer is now connected to PrintNode.

Step 3: Create a PrintNode API Key

  • Login to your PrintNode account through a browser

  • Click API Keys

  • Enter your password and click Next

  • Enter your API key description and click Create

  • Copy the generated API Key

Step 4: Integrate PrintNode with Accelevents

  • In your event's admin console, go to Settings > General Settings

  • Turn on the toggle to "Enable Print Node"

  • Paste the API Key

Step 5: Select the Printer in the iPad Admin App' PrintNode Menu

  • Login to the iPad Admin App

  • Click the top left menu and select Settings

  • Go to Printing and enable Printing

  • Click the top left menu to go back to Check In Attendee

  • Select the Event

  • Click the "Print node is available" menu at the bottom of the page.

  • Select the printer

That's it! Any event connected to the printer using PrintNode can print badges from the iPad, even if the iPad is in a different country!

If you cannot make PrintNode work, contact your Account Manager to arrange a meeting with our product team a few weeks before the event to test PrintNode with your computer and printer. Testing will allow us to determine whether the devices are compatible and whether additional drivers/installers are needed.

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