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Dynamic Colors and Labels in Badges
Dynamic Colors and Labels in Badges

Change the text and color that appears in the badge depending on registration responses.

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The Dynamic Customization Settings on badges allow you to change the text and print in different colors depending on what the attendee answered in their registration.

For example, during registration, you ask your attendees whether they are the team captain, and they select either yes or no as the answer. Instead of showing "Yes" or "No" in the badge, you can replace that text with "CAPTAIN" if they are and "MEMBER" if they answer no. Then, to easily identify from afar whether they are a captain or a member, you can assign different colors for the captain and member text.

Important Notes:

Customize the Field Settings

Add the field to your badge once you have created and enabled your dropdown question type for the ticket holder.

  • Open the badge design to edit

  • Click Widgets

  • Click Custom Fields

  • Select the field

  • Click Add Fields

  • Look for the custom field you added in the Widgets menu, then click it to add to the design.

  • Click the field from the design to load the settings

  • Click Customize Field

  • Add the custom label and colors

  • You can also hide the field depending on the answer

  • Click Save

That's it! Test it by registering 2 attendees with different answers to that field and printing their badges.

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