Track Email Sends to Attendees

Find out the status of emails that you've sent to attendees.

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Ever wonder if your attendees are receiving your emails? With Accelevents, you can easily track if the emails are sent and if attendees received and opened them.

You can track these emails:

  • Order Confirmation

  • Magic Link Email

  • Reminder Emails

  • Engage Emails

  • Refund Emails

Track Email Sends

  • Go to Attendees > Attendee Analytics

  • Find the attendee and click on their name

  • Go to the Email Activity tab

  • Click Download CSV to export a file showing the attendee's email analytics

  • Click View History to view the specific email's history

The Email Activity tab will show the total number of emails sent, the subject line of the emails sent, the current status of the emails, the time of the email's last status update, and the email address it was delivered from if it is in delivered status.

Email Activity History

If a specific email history is viewed, the following information is shown:

  • Email subject line

  • Sent date

  • Status and time stamp

Email Activity Report

In the downloaded file, the following information is shown:

  • Email Subject Line

  • Attendee email

  • Sender email

  • Open counts

  • Last email activity timestamp

  • Status

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