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EdgeReg by Cadmium Integration

Import Registrations from EdgeReg to Accelevents

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Importing Registrations from EdgeReg to Accelevents

Integrating EdgeReg by Cadmium with Accelevents can offer many benefits that streamline and enhance event management. Cadmium is a powerful tool that simplifies how organizations manage events, while Accelevents is a comprehensive virtual and hybrid event platform. By combining the strengths of these two tools, event organizers can streamline their processes, alleviate stress, and maintain updated registrations in real-time.

With the EdgeReg and Accelevents integration, you can import attendees from EdgeReg to Accelevents. This synchronization minimizes the need for you to enter all this information manually and reduces the risk of errors.

Important Notes:

  • Turn off the automatic order confirmation email before integrating if you don't want imported attendees to receive the email.

  • You may integrate an EdgeReg meeting/event (Activity ID) to only 1 event in Accelevents. Attendees will not be imported if the activity ID is present in more than 1 event.

1. Configure the EdgeReg Integration

  • Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Turn on the toggle next to EdgeReg by Cadmium Integration

  • Click Configure

  • Paste the API Key from EdgeReg

  • Paste the Activity ID (Event ID) from EdgeReg

  • Click Save. After you click save, the data transfer should start.

After you click save, no data will be transferred until you follow the next steps for mapping and adding the Ticket Type ID. But once the integration is configured and enabled, valid data (with ticket type ID and paid registration) should be transferred to Accelevents and it resyncs every 30 minutes.

2. Field Mapping

Once the EdgeReg-Accelevents integration is configured, click the Mapping button to set up which registration fields from EdgeReg will be carried over to Accelevents.

By default, only the attendees' names and emails are included in the data transfer. To include more information, you must specify which fields in EdgeReg should be synced with fields in Accelevents. The mapping includes RFIs (Registration Form Items) and UDFs (User-defined Fields)

  • Click Add a New Mapping

  • Select the Accelevents field on the left column

  • Select the EdgeReg field on the right column

  • Click Save when you're done adding all the field mapping.

Mapping Behavior

  • The RFI phone field will not map to Accelevents' default cell phone field; you must map it to a custom text or number order form field.

  • The RFI Country and State/Province fields may not map if the value is unavailable in Accelevents' default country and state fields; you may need to map it to custom text fields to ensure all the data is captured.

  • Dropdown answers should be identical in Accelevents and EdgeReg.

  • Multiple answers for multiple question types should be separated by a | without any extra spaces (e.g., Answer 1|Answer 2|Answer 3), and the values should be identical in Accelevents and EdgeReg.

3. Copy the Ticket Type ID from Accelevents

To import registrations, you must include the ticket type IDs to the registration data in EdgeReg. The ticket type ID determines what ticket will be given to the attendee when added to Accelevents.

  • Go to Settings > Integrations in your Accelevents admin console

  • Enable Tray Integration Platform

  • Click Configure

  • Select the ticket type from the dropdown and copy the ID number in the field below.

  • If you're selling multiple tickets, copy all the ticket type IDs and make sure to list down which ID is for which ticket.

  • Click Save.

4. Paste the Ticket Type ID to the Account Code

As mentioned, the ticket type ID determines which ticket type to assign attendees when imported to Accelevents. This should be added to the Account Code field of the corresponding ticket type or fee schedule.

  • Open the meeting in EdgeReg

  • Go to Fee Schedule

  • Click the letter(s) next to the price

  • Paste the ticket type ID in the Account Code field

  • Click Save

After adding all the ticket type IDs to all tickets, you can start testing the registration. If the registration is paid and they select a ticket with a ticket type ID, the attendee will be imported to Accelevents instantly. If you have existing paid registrations, you can click the Resync button to import them to Accelevents.

Data Resync

The integration resyncs every 30 minutes. If you want to push a sync ahead of schedule, click the Resync button in Settings > Integration. Then, check the Orders tab in Accelevents to see if the attendee has been added. So if you made manual changes in EdgeReg, like updating the attendee's name, you may need to click the resync button to see that change in Accelevents immediately or wait for the next automatic resync.

Note: Clicking the Save button in the Mapping menu also triggers a resync

Frequently Asked Questions

If an imported attendee is removed from Accelevents, would it reappear when it resyncs?

  • Yes. Deleted attendees in Accelevents would reappear after resyncing, unless the attendee is deleted or marked as unpaid in EdgeReg.

If information from the EdgeReg registration is removed, would it be removed in Accelevents?

  • Yes, when the data resyncs, the current information from EdgeReg will be carried over to Accelevents.

Does the integration apply to all events under the organizer?

  • No, the integration only applies to the event where the integration is configured. You must configure it for every event.

  • Please note that the activity ID can only be mapped to 1 event. If it's in another event, the integration will not work.

When the event in Accelevents is duplicated, will the mapping reappear?

  • No, a duplicated event will need to be reconfigured from the start. Since the configuration assumes that this is a new event, a new activity ID must be entered.

  • After the integration is configured, you can add the mapping. The UDFs for that event will be available.

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