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Adding Your Silent Auction Items
Adding Your Silent Auction Items
Learn how to easily add your silent auction items.
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Add your Auction Items

  • Go to Auction on the left side of your Admin Console

  • Click Add Items

  • Click on the blue β€˜Add Items’ icon seen in the top left of your screen

  • Enter appropriate details for your item. The following details are required:

    • Item Name (maximum of 70 characters)

    • Item Code (3 letter code) - this code will be used for bidding through text messaging.

    • Item Short Name (maximum of 25 characters) - this is the name that would appear in the outbid text message

  • After adding your details, the item will auto-save and will be seen at the top of your Auction Items page on the left. You can click the x in the top right corner of the item to then repeat the process and add further items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use numbers for my Item Code?

  • No, your item code must be 3 letters. This is used for identification purposes and can be used when texting in bids for items.

What is the minimum starting bid?

  • The minimum starting bid is 1.

Can I add more items after my auction has started?

  • Yes, you can continue to add items after you activate your auction.

Do I have to add items one at a time?

Can I add pictures to my item?

  • Yes! Images should be a .png or .jpg file less than 2MB. The recommended aspect ratio is 3:2.

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