Create and Apply Access Codes for Event Ticketing
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Access Hidden Ticket Types Through a Code

Access codes allow specific guests to access VIP or hidden tickets and add-ons. When someone enters the right code on your ticketing page, they unlock exclusive tickets that are not open to the public.

If you want to show a specific ticket type AND hide the rest, you may want to check out the article on Limited Display Codes.

Create Access Codes

  • Go to Registrations > Discount & Access Codes in your admin console.

  • Click + Create New Code

  • Select Code to Access Hidden Tickets

  • Select the ticket type or add-on you want your access code to unlock. Click Next.

  • Name your Access Code (must be one word, no spaces)

  • For Uses, leave it blank if the code has unlimited use

  • Select the dates and times for which you would like the code to apply

  • Click Create

You can now share your access codes with your selected guests, and they can enter the code in the first part of the registration to unlock the hidden ticket. They must click "Have an access code?" enter it and click Apply.


  • The access code only counts as used if a transaction went through.

  • If someone enters the code and does not buy a ticket, that code can be used again.

  • If someone enters the code and buys a ticket that is not associated with the code, the code can be used again.

Give Access Code Links

The Access Code Link automatically applies the code, so users won't need to enter them. To get the link:

  • Click the 3 dot menu on the code while in the Access Code tab

  • Click Copy Link


Upload Access Codes

If you have a list of access code names, you can upload them through a CSV file instead of adding them individually. Add all the codes in 1 column, 1 code per row, with Access Code as the column label.

Access Code Analytics

In the Access Code tab, you can see how many times the code has been used to buy a ticket.

To see which attendees used the code, you can go to Analytics, click Download, and select Registration Data. The report should have a column for Access Codes.


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