Create and Apply Access Codes for Event Ticketing
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Access codes create a way to grant certain guests access to VIP or hidden ticket types. Once a visitor to your ticketing page enters the correct access code (set by you), they will unlock hidden tickets that may not be available to the public. 

To set up your Access Codes, follow the steps below:

1. From your Admin Console, navigate to the Registration tab > Discount & Access Codes

2. Click on the Access Code button:

3. Click Create New Code:

4. Select the Code to Access Hidden Tickets option: 

5. Select the ticket type that you would like your Access Code to unlock:

6. Name your Access Code (must be one word, no spaces) and select the dates and times for which you would like the code to apply:

  • You can also upload your access codes through a CSV file. Just add all the codes in 1 column with the word Access Code on the first row

  • If you want to limit the use of the access codes, just indicate how many times they can be used under Uses

  • Note: If they use the code and select a ticket type, but do not finish the registration, the code will be counted as used.

7. You can now share your Access Codes with your select guests and they can enter the code in the first part of the registration to unlock the hidden ticket. They need to click Have an access code, then enter the code, and click Apply.

8. If you would like to send people a link that corresponds to a specific Access Code, you can do so from the Access Code page by clicking on the button pictured below and Copy Link. This link will direct people to the Event Landing Page and after they click Register, it will pre-fill the Access Code for them.

9. To know which attendees bought a ticket using an access code, download the all Ticket Buyer report from Attendees > Orders. There should be a column for access codes in the report.

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