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Submitting Demo Raffle Tickets
Submitting Demo Raffle Tickets

Submit a demo raffle ticket to generate your event text number

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Please look at how you can test our mobile raffle system by submitting demo tickets.

Submitting a demo raffle ticket accomplishes 2 things:

  • You'll see instructions on how to submit a raffle ticket, and you'll see the message raffle participants receive when successfully submitting raffle tickets

How to Submit a Demo Raffle Ticket

1. Access your event checklist by going to Dashboard > Show Task.

2. Select Submit a sample ticket for your Raffle from the checklist.

3. Input your phone number and click on Submit Raffle Ticket.

4. Check your phone and follow the instructions to submit a raffle ticket.

5. Go to Raffle > Buyers & Winners, and you'll see that the raffle ticket was submitted.

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